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4 Solutions to Fix Your Broken Online Marketing Campaign

4 Solutions to Fix Your Broken Online Marketing Campaign

Has you online marketing campaign been a total disappointment up until now? If so you are not alone. Our Phoenix SEO company comes in contact with businesses all of the time that are struggling with their online marketing campaigns as well and this why it is so important that you don’t just understand the problems but also how to fix the problem. A successful online marketing strategy is that key to your businesses future health. So if you plan on your business having any type of longevity then you really need to get the online marketing strategy on track. Let’s take look at exactly how you can do this.

  1. Visitors are leaving your landing page- Now you might think that it is wise to place links to your home page on your landing page but this can’t be further from the truth. Your landing pages should be designed to convert visitors. If you have links back to your website then what ends up happening as visitors leave the page that is designed to convert and takes them to your website where their is a less likely chance that they will convert. This is actually a rookie mistake but is made time and time again by small businesses all over the world.
  2. Can’t afford Adwords – This happens alot and unless you know what your doing you could blow a lot of your budget on this. That is why we would suggest either doing extensive research before running an Adwords campaign or to contact the professionals.
  3. Not understanding how to test – When running any type of marketing campaign you must test so that you know what is working and what is not working. You can begin this process by adding Google Analytics to your website and learn how to read all the information that Google Analytics gives you.
  4. The market has dried up – Well that means it is time to expand your market. One of the biggest reasons you probably feeling like this is because you are behind ball when it comes to keeping up with the world. For example if you don’t have a mobile website then potential customers coming to your website from a mobile device, which the numbers are growing and will continue to grow,  will leave and go to your competitor this is just one example how you may be shrinking your market.

Turning around your marketing campaign won’t be easy but the first step is to make right the bad habits that are bringing down your campaign. You can either continue to do your own research or you can hire a professional SEO company to help you achieve the goals you are desiring.


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