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Customers Can't Find You If You're Not on the Map

What is it?

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Why Start?

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Small Business SEO

What is Small Business SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. This is where our SEO specialists make sure that your site rises to the top of the search engine results when your prospects search for your niche keywords. For example, if you sell homemade jewelry, then you want your site to appear whenever someone goes to a search engine and types in “buy homemade jewelry”. Or if you’re a dog walker in Denver, then you want your site on the first page of Google when someone searches for “Denver professional dog walker”. In short, small business SEO is focused on bringing more prospects and customers straight to your website. Small business SEO is about making you visible in a crowded marketplace. Small business SEO is about giving you an edge over your competitors.

How Our SEO Specialists Get You More Traffic

You don’t need to know how electricity works in order to enjoy its benefits. And likewise, you don’t need to know all the technical mumbo-jumbo that goes into building a good search engine optimization strategy. However, here’s an overview of what our SEO specialists will do for you:

  • Step 1: The SEO specialists will select relevant keywords. Here you’ll chat with the SEO specialist so that he can learn all about your target market, which in turn helps determine which keywords your prospects are already inputting into the search engines. Depending on what you’re selling, your small business SEO strategy may target a local audience or customers from around the world.
  • Step 2: The SEO specialist will create optimized content. Next, your SEO specialist will create content around your keywords. This content is designed to attract traffic from the search engines.
  • Step 3: The SEO specialist will develop a link-building strategy. Creating optimized content isn’t enough to get you top rankings, which is why your SEO specialist will work hard to get thousands of websites to link to your site. Not only is this good for small business SEO purposes, but you’ll also get click-through traffic from these links.

How Long Does it Take to See Results From This Search Engine Optimization Strategy?

This depends on how aggressively you want to tackle your toughest competitors. If you go after the “low hanging fruit,” then our SEO specialists can get results in as little as a few days or weeks. Going after more-competitive terms takes longer, perhaps several months. Most people who take advantage of our small business SEO services want a mix of low, medium and highly competitive keywords.  Our SEO specialists will create a search engine optimization strategy that will have you seeing results soon for the low-competition searches. And in the long-term you can watch your site leapfrog over your competitors’ sites in the search engines for keyword after keyword!

Local Google Advertising

Why List Your Local Business Online?

Your prospects aren’t flipping through the Yellow Pages or looking in newspapers to find you. Instead, they’re looking for information about your business online. And if you don’t have a Google local business listing or other online presence, your prospects will do business with your competitors instead!

What Are Google Local Business Listings?

Most prospects who’re looking for local business listings in Google search for their city along with the type of business they’re looking for (e.g., “Phoenix restaurants”” or “Tucson auto mechanics”). Google local business listings are those results that show up at the top of the results page alongside a map.

Google local business listings will provide the prospect with your business address, a map showing where you’re located, your phone number, your business hours, relevant information about your business as well as reviews from your existing customers. That means that your Google local business listing gives you an edge over your competitors.

But if your business isn’t included in these Google local business listings, guess who gets the advantage? That’s right – your competitors. If you don’t have a local business listing, it’s like your business doesn’t even exist. It’s like being invisible to your prospects!

Are Google Local Business Listings the Only Way to Establish Your Online Presence?

Your Google local business listing is just a start of the overall marketing campaign that we’ll provide for you. When you work with us, we’ll work hard to establish your online presence in every corner of the web. When your prospects search for you online, they’ll see your local business listing as well as your website. That’s because we use a proprietary “geo-targeting” system to bring your local business online, which plants your business squarely in front of your most targeted prospects.

What is Geo-Targeting?

Your customer base is targeted to a specific geographic location. And that means you need your website to appear in the results whenever someone searches for your business category in your city.

For example, a Chinese restaurant owner in Scottsdale, AZ doesn’t need his website or business listing to appear when someone searches for “Chinese restaurants Manhattan.” But when prospects search for “Chinese restaurants Scottsdale,” the website better show up at the top of the results if the owner is going to stay in business!

That’s what we do for you. We make sure your local business listing and website show up in Google, Yahoo, AOL and other major search engines and directories whenever someone is looking for your business locally. We push you above your competitors to make you more visible and attractive to your prospects. And that means you’ll enjoy getting more leads, customers and sales… effortlessly!

Make It Easy for Your Local Prospects and Customers to Find You!

If you want to get a local business listing in Google as well as bring you local business online to all corners of the web, contact us now at contact us – you’ll be surprised at just how affordable it is!

Let Us Develop Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

Let us bring in fresh leads and customers to your virtual doorstep, starting today. Simply contact our SEO specialist team and let us develop a search engine optimization strategy for your business. You’re sure to enjoy a great return on your investment, contact us to get today to discuss how we can use SEO to grow your business and get you in front of your prospective customers.

Since entrusting HireAWiz we now have one of THE best websites around hands down. With our SEO, Adwords campaign, and blog strategy they have increased traffic by over 600% and more than doubled our leads. We are blessed to have them as a business partner and value their expertise. We have and will continue to recommend them to other companies that are looking to take their business to the next level.
Jennifer Crompton

Jennifer Crompton

Marketing Director at Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.


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