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4 Reasons Why SEO Matters to My Business

4 Reasons Why SEO Matters to My Business

SEO is more than just making sure my pages show up correctly in Google. There are a few other levels to this mystic practice than the obvious benefits. However not every business owner is aware of the benefits of SEO, even for offline businesses. While the benefit of optimizing your website for the search engines is very apparent, let’s take a look at four important reasons why SEO matters to my business and yours.

Ranking in Google

Ranking highly in the Google search engine results pages (SERPS) is the Holy Grail for most online businesses. With literally billions of searches monthly, and 91% of searchers going only to the first page of results, it’s abundantly clear why you want to make sure to take advantage of SEO as it relates to your website pages.

Optimizing your pages, videos and mobile pages for your preferred keyword phrase is very important, if you hope to get your share of organic search traffic. The number of actual searches is increasing exponentially every year, and shows no sign of slowing down, with all the platforms now available to access these results.

Beyond the technical aspects that get your pages to rank better in Google, there are other factors that SEO is intimately involved with that will bring more business to your doors. Things like optimizing and planning content for best results, integrating social media and visual content, and using these levers to expand your business.

SEO Expands Your Website’s Reach

Despite the fact that there are trillions of indexed web pages out there, many even relating to topics and markets you’re involved with, a sound search engine optimization plan helps your pages stand out from the herd, and serve up your content ahead of all others. It’s really quite amazing when you think about it.

Of all the web pages available, yours can be the one that shows up for a specific keyword query if you perform your SEO well.

For businesses that hope to compete these days, SEO is the perfect tool to expand your website’s reach. Ranking your pages, social media pages, videos and imagery gives an ever-expanding audience access to your business, exposing your products and services to a vast audience that is inclined to share far and wide.

Even Offline Businesses Benefit

These days, it’s even possible to benefit from SEO without actually having a website. Local businesses will often develop a search engine presence that makes a difference simply by having a Google My Business page, Facebook Page, or other social media profiles. Customers will be able to find your business in local search and patronize your establishment.

Google My Business is especially useful in this regard. Having a listing that includes your business information, such as physical address, directions, images, phone numbers and keyword-optimized descriptions will often show up in Google Mobile search, along with a Maps placement. You can even manage customer reviews in your Google My Business account, enhancing the chance that customers looking for your products and services will find you.

Even though an offline business may not have a website, the reality is that many of their customers will be online, searching for their products and services. The good news is that through SEO they can still be found.

SEO Principles Are Applicable to Many Platforms

While each online platform has its own quirks and unique requirements, a sound approach to SEO will include applications far beyond the Google search results.

The types and breadth of content that can be used on these platforms makes you able to post nearly any content anywhere you wish. Moreover, cross-promoting the same content, or slightly different versions, can multiply your search engine presence. The keyword searches on these various platforms possess different degrees of effectiveness, but for the most part, you are able to be found for keyword searches on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and others.


Don’t make the mistake of lumping SEO into the list of things you either have to do, or will get to one of these days. SEO in its many-headed applications is a necessary and valuable piece of your online marketing arsenal, whether the bulk of your business is online or not. Don’t run your business without it!

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