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4 Ways PPC and SEO Are Better When Used Together

4 Ways PPC and SEO Are Better When Used Together

We hear many arguments as to why pay per click is better than search engine optimization or vice versa but our Phoenix SEO company is here to tell you that they work best when used together. They both have their advantages and work well by themselves if done properly but in order to unlock their full potential you must use them together as a team. You maybe thinking that it is pointless to use them together as it is a waste of money but give me a chance to explain why your really should be using them together. If you are not, then I believe you are running an internet marketing campaign that isn’t reaching it’s full potential and you are leaving potential business out there. Let’s take a look at the benefits.

  1. Visibility – Obviously, getting more visibility will help you gain more traffic. Don’t give up your PPC position just because your ranked a keyword in the top 5. There is a much greater possibility of gaining traffic if you are showing in two areas on the same page. This will also help you with branding.
  2. More Data – You will be able to gain more data on keywords by running both a PPC and SEO campaign. Data is extremely important and is how you become more successful and effecient with your internet marketing budget.
  3. Integrate eCommerce Feeds into Adwords – You are now able to ad products into your adwords so that it will show the product along with reviews. If you are running an eCommerce website this is a great way to gain more traffic to specific produc pages on your website.
  4. Social Media – Social Media websites such Twitter and Facebook have developed their own pay per click business. You can now purchase ppc adds from social media sites and the benefits of doing so is that they allow you to narrow down your target audience dramatically. This will help you more accurately determine your target audience for your overall internet marketing strategy.

The key to growing an online business is traffic and these are just some of the benefits of using PPC and SEO together. Make sure to consult the professionals when trying to run an internet marketing campaign as it will benefit you in the long run. 


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