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5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

5 Reasons You Need a Mobile Friendly Website

If your business is behind the times and you haven't updated your website in a while then you need to contact a Phoenix web design company as soon as possible. Not only does your website most likely look out dated you are probably behind the times when it comes to technologies and one of those technologies is making sure that your website is mobile friendly. That fact of the matter is well over 90% of us have smart phones and most of us use them to surf the web. You work to hard trying to drive traffic to your website so don't lose the visitors you do get because your website isn't mobile friendly. Let me give you a few great reasons why you need to update your website to a mobile friendly website. 

  1. Mobile Internet Users Have Surpassed Desktop Users – Yes, you read that correct. There are now more mobile users that are surfing the web than their are desktop users. 
  2. Websites Across Most Industries Are Noticing About a 3 Percent Growth in Mobile Visitors – This number is going to continue to rise that is why it is absolutely vital that you invest in a mobile friendly site right away. If you don't have one then most if not all of your visitors on a mobile device will leave your site and go to a competitors site. 
  3. Most Americans Have Their Smart Phone With Them At All Times – Think back to the last time you forgot or lost your phone, I bet it caused you to go into panick mode and you probably did something extreme like turn around to go home and pick it up. Fact of the matter is most people use their smart phone for quick and easy access to the web while on the go. 
  4. Most Local Information is Searched For From a Mobile Device – Whether your looking for movie times or searching for the nearest Chinese restaurant you are probably using your mobile device. 
  5. People Will Begin To Use Mobile Devices Even More in The Future – If you think about how often you use your mobile device to surf the internet you probably think you already spend a lot of time on your phone well the time you spend is likely to increase. The reason behind this is as technology improves and it becomes easier and more convienent we will naturally begin to use our mobile devices more and more. 

If these reasons haven't convinced you to upgrade your site so you can ensure that it is mobile friendly then I don't know what will. Trust me you want to do this before it is to late or it will be hard to bring your business back from.


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