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Drive Revenue and Leads Through Social

What is it?

Social media is a way for you to get your messaging in front of your audience and also communicate with them directly on several platforms. One-way communication is becoming less effective, especially if it’s the only bridge between you and your prospects. A comprehensive social media strategy is an essential aspect of online marketing.

Why Start?

Social media marketing is the perfect way to engage your audience and compliment your other advertising campaigns. Social media marketing also allows you to educate and nurture your audience until they are ready to engage with your brand; you have to gain their trust before they spend their time and money with your business.

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Enjoy More Market Reach and Influence By Leveraging Social Media Marketing

Your audience is tired of being “talked at.” They’re becoming blind to traditional advertising. One-way communication is becoming less effective, especially if it’s the only bridge between you and your prospects. That’s why the future of online marketing includes a comprehensive social media strategy.

Enjoy More Market Reach and Influence

A good social media strategy allows you to:

  • Reach more deeply into your market.
  • Develop “top of mind” awareness.
  • Engage prospects and customers, including influencer in your market.
  • Address customer concerns quickly.
  • Drive more sales.
  • Generate positive word-of-mouth marketing.

If you’d like to leverage social media marketing to grow your business, then we invite you to review our proprietary social media strategy below to find out what we can do for you…

Results-Oriented Social Media Process

When you work with us, we don’t focus on intangible results like brand-building. Instead, we produce data-driven results that are based on getting you more traffic, more engagement and more sales.

Here’s how we do it…

Phase 1 - Define Your Goals

At this phase you’ll sit down with our team to discuss your overall business goals so that we can develop a social media marketing strategy to support those goals. We’ll then develop measurable social media goals based on traffic, subscribers, engagement, brand recognition and sales.

Phase 2 - Profile Your Market

Next, we’ll complete a comprehensive market study to better understand who your ideal prospects are and the best way to reach them through social media. We’ll also study your competitors to see what they’re doing so we can create an edge for you in the market.

Phase 3 - Develop Your Strategy

This is where we develop your actual social media strategy based on your business goals and what we know about your target market. Your social media strategy may include:

  • A multi-channel approach including top sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Designing a comprehensive content strategy that’s designed to engage, inform and sell.
  • Driving traffic from social media back to your lead pages and sales pages.

Phase 4 - Refine Your Results

In this final phase we optimize your social media campaign to deliver improved conversion rates. We’ll measure, analyze and refine every part of the campaign until we’re satisfied that you’re getting the best possible response rates and ROI.

End Result? We Engage Your Audience, Improve Communication, and Drive Sales With Social Media

Simply put, a social media campaign delivers benefits you can’t get with traditional advertising. Take a look…

Improve Search Engine Visibility

Improve Search Engine Visibility

Google and other search engines are now beginning to take social media factors into consideration when ranking your web pages. The bigger presence you have on social media, the easier it is for your targeted prospects to find you in the search engines.

Humanize Your Company

As your business grows, you can lose touch with the human side of your company. Consumers want to connect with your business. They want to know there’s a warm body on the other side of your logo. A good social media strategy gives your prospects and customers the human connection they need to do business with you and become loyal, lifetime customers.

Humanize Your Company
Communicate With Prospects and Customers

Communicate With Prospects and Customers

You can deal with customer services issues instantly, engage prospects and customers, build relationships and answer sales inquiries. What used to be done strictly through private channels (like the telephone) is now being done online and in public, which engages your audience on a much deeper level. Your visitors can even contribute content, which bonds them to your company and generates word-of-mouth buzz.

Make Special Offers to Prospects and Customers

When people want a good deal, they go online. That’s why offering exclusive discounts to your social media followers produces more sales and even generates viral traffic. Plus we’ll measure your campaign to find out which offers your social media followers respond to the best.

Make Special Offers to Prospects and Customers
Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Social media marketing isn’t something you do apart from the rest or your marketing strategy. To get the best results, we’ll create a comprehensive, integrated social media strategy that includes:

  • A multi-channel approach to reach your prospects on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and other relevant platforms.
  • Tapping into social influence by integrating social media with your ecommerce platforms.
  • Encouraging visitors and market influencer to share your content across their favorite social media networks.

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media is huge right now, with a captive audience of well over a billion people just on Facebook alone. If you don’t have the right strategy, it’s easy to get lost among the crowd. Here are the most common mistakes businesses make on social media:

Ignoring Social Media

Your prospects and customers already use social media. Your competitors are already talking to your customers and stealing market share using social media. That’s why you simply can’t ignore social media if you want to stay relevant in a competitive marketplace.

Pushing One-Way Communication

Trying to use social media like television advertisement or a press release will backfire and drive customers away. A good social media strategy is a two-way communication platform where you interact with an engaged audience.

Expecting Overnight Results

You didn’t build your business overnight, and a well-craft social media strategy won’t create instantaneous results either. It takes time to grow your audience, engage them, and connect with their values.

Asking Your In-House Team to Do Social Media

Sometimes CEOs and marketing directors assume the younger people on the team who grew up with social media will know how to leverage it to grow the business. But that rarely works out, because most people only have experience with the consumer side of social media. That’s like thinking that someone who takes an aspirin is qualified to be a pharmacist.

A better idea is to work with an experienced social media team who has the skills and knowledge to craft the right strategy to support your business goals. That’s what the social media team at HireAWiz can do for you. Click here now to request your free consultation and to find out more about what we can do to grow your business.

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Jennifer Crompton

Jennifer Crompton

Marketing Director at Todd Whittaker Drywall Inc.


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