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4 Signs Your Marketing Campaign Could Fail

4 Signs Your Marketing Campaign Could Fail

Every business needs a form of marketing to help make them successful but just because you are running a marketing campaign doesn’t make you successful. As a Phoenix SEO company we have numerous clients come to use explaining that either they were running a marketing campaign themselves or through another company and it is was a disaster. This could be for many different reasons which I am not going to get into in this blog. However, what I am going to discuss is how in most instances there are clear warning signs that your marketing campaign is failing before you sink tons of money into it or worse you go out of business. If you are aware of these warning signs you can re-evaluate your plan and consider how you can make improvements. Marketing your business is going to be key. It doesn’t matter how great your products and or services are if you fail at marketing and nobody sees them, well then you’re not going to make. Many businesses say we have a loyal customer base. They are repeat customers and or referrals and that is great but this will allow you to sustain. Your goal in business should be to grow. You should set goals that show growth every year and the only way to accomplish the growth you want is through a successful marketing campaign. Let’s take a closer look at some of the signs to be aware of when running a marketing campaign that will hint at it not being successful.

  1. You’re spending much more time on marketing than you are branding – It is very important that you build a brand. Your number 1 priority should be to build a brand that people know and trust. Having a great brand will make your marketing efforts much easier.
  2. You’re not keeping up with technology – This one is important and one we see being skipped all the time. People don’t feel like it is a priority to allocate any money to this issue. Let me give you an example of just how important this is. Let’s say you own an Italian restaurant and you have a nice website but it is not mobile friendly. Most people who are searching for restaurants are doing so from mobile devices and quite often on the go. Because you aren’t keeping up with technology and keeping your mobile users in mind you are going to miss out on probably the largest portion of your target audience. Mobile users have quickly became a large percentage of certain online industries customer base but I am here to tell you mobile users will soon take over the web so don’t delay and begin keeping mobile users in mind.
  3. Your ads aren’t working – This is where having some form of analytics is very important (We would suggest Google Analytics). There would be no way for you to know what is working and what is working without having some type of analytics. You need to experiment with different ads and different keywords to find out what is working. Don’t just setup a couple different type of ads and never change them then wonder why you’re not successful. There is a lot of trial and error when it comes to running a successful marketing campaign. Make sure you are working to discover exactly what it is that your target audience is looking for.
  4. You’re not being personable – Have you ever got one of those annoying telemarketing calls where the person on the other end of the phone is just reading a script and is not carrying on a conversation with you? They ask you a question and before you can answer they are on to reading the next line. Well if you have this is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Now I am not telling you to become a telemarketer but what I am telling you to know your target audience enough to be personable. Your ads, social media posts, blogs, content, website, etc. all should be personable towards your market audience.

These are 4 signs that if you go back and honestly self evaluate your current marketing campaign you will be able to tell if your on the road to nowhere or if you are on the path to success. Many small online business owners don’t have the time and or the money to successfully research and run a marketing campaign and that is when you would want to contact a professional Phoenix SEO company.


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