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Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Easy Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Blogs can be a great way for an online small business to build their brand, show that they are an expert in a specific field, draw customers back to their website among many other things but the hard part is getting people to your blog in the first place. Many small business owners over think this process but, as part of a Phoenix SEO company I am here to tell that there are some easy ways you can accomplish feat without having to go out and spend thousands and thousands of dollars. You may be asking how is this possible? Well I am going to show you shortly. The benefits of gaining a following on your blog could payoff big time both for your business and for you and your families financial freedom. Before you begin drawing people to your website first make sure that the content that you are posting is great content. It should be useful to the visitor and be something that makes them not only want to comeback to your website but to share your posts on their social media websites. Many website owners are so focused on SEO that they write their blogs for the search engines however, this is a huge mistake. Ok once you have the content it is time to start drawing people to your blog by following the steps below.

  • Post Often – Nobody wants to go back to a website just to find that it only gets updated once a month or in many cases less. Make sure that if you are going to take advantage of a blog that continuously update it with new and informative posts. 
  • Offer both RSS feeds and email subscriptions to your blog – It is important that you give your website visitors an opportunity to subscribe to your blog so that they can follow your blog easily. Now most small business owners use RSS feeds but not many use an email opt in. This will allow people who want to follow your blog post to enter their email address and receive updates via email everytime you post a new blog. 
  • Become active on other blogs – By reading and commenting on other blogs it will begin over time drawing interests from their readers to your blog. Just like with the content, the comments have to be thoughtful and need to offer something to the discussion. If you do this you will see people that read that blog begin to view you as an expert and begin following your blog as well. 
  • Link to your blog – Many people make the mistake of only having a link to their blog is on the home page of their website. You should place your blog link in the top menu of your website but, if you choose not to do this then you need to link to your blog on multiple pages. Secondly you should link to your blog in your email signature. You never know who you are going to send an email too and who may begin reading and following your blog. This is the same for your Social Media profiles. 
  • Include Videos – It is proven that you are more likely to draw someone's attention online with a video than you are with strictly text. There is plenty of free video software out there that will allow you to create great videos for your blog. 
  • Promote on Social Media – You should be promoting your blogs on social media. There is no better place than social media to get your blogs to go viral and gain the traffic you are looking for. 

These are all easy steps that you can do on your own without having to pay thousands of dollars to complete. If done properly this will help you grow your business and following. The major benefit of doing this helping you build your brand. The key to a great marketing campaign is to brand your business so that people know who you are and trust you. 


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