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4 Critical Online Marketing Mistakes

4 Critical Online Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to marketing your business website you should look at hiring an elite Phoenix web design company such as HireAWiz. We have proven that we know how to help our clients grow the next level and want to help yours grow but if you decide that you want to try to market your business on your own then I caution you there are some mistakes that end up costing online businesses big bucks. Let’s look at some of the mistakes that as a Phoenix web design company we notice online companies making and then wondering why their online marketing strategy didn’t payoff. Before we go through this list one thing to remember is online marketing is an investment.

Knowing your client

You would be surprised how many people when asked who their companies target audience is say everybody. Well, that is great that your product or service can be used by everyone but you have a target audience that is the majority of your customers and you need to figure out who your target audience is.


Many of online businesses don’t run an SEO campaign for their businesses. They generally determine that either it is too expensive or it takes to much time. Well, your business is put at a huge disadvantage by not ranking in the search engines.

Being Tricky

Don’t think that you are smarter than the search engines and do things that are unethical because they will find you. When the search engines determine that the reason you are ranked is because of shady things you have been doing they will penalize your website making it nearly impossible to become ranked.


You must always add fresh content to your website. Have you ever been to a website where you know they haven’t updated their content since they built their website. This has 2 negative effects on your business. 1 it is not appealing to your customer and 2 it hurts your SEO campaign.

Like I mentioned earlier in the article online marketing is an investment for your business. It is an investment that if you choose an elite Phoenix web design company like HireAWiz will give you a great return on investment. Your business can’t afford to fall behind anymore than it already is so contact us today for a free analysis and quote.


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