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4 Budget Friendly Internet Marketing Strategies

4 Budget Friendly Internet Marketing Strategies

If you run an online business of any type then you aware of the importance of internet marketing and the positive effects it can have on your business when done properly but you also are aware of your budget and time. As small business owner you are likely struggling for time and don’t yet have the budget to invest in a Phoenix SEO company to help you with your online marketing strategies. This is a catch 22 because the best way to grow your online business is by running an effective online marketing campaign but you can’t budget for it until you grow your business and make the additional money necessary to be able to put back into your business. We realized that this is an all to common issue that small online business owners are facing that is why we have come up with some excellent internet marketing strategies you can use to help you grow your business while being on a tight budget.

  1. Use Social Media Websites – Social media websites are a great place to grow your business and the great thing about them is they are free to sign up for. Now if you have a little bit of extra money laying around I would suggest paying for ads and promoting posts. This will help you expadite the process.
  2. Content Marketing – This is just writing a blog for your website but also posting articles on other sites, guest blogging, etc. This can be time consuming but well worth it in the logn run.
  3. Interaction – This may be the easiest but yet most ignored thing on this list. If somebody posts on one of your social media pages, blog, etc then you should respond. Responding to these posts takes just a couple minutes and could have major benefits however ignoring them could end up costing you business as you appear not to care about your potential customers or even customers.
  4. Press Release – Make sure that you have something new and interesting to write about in regards to your company and make sure that it is interesting so a news site would want to pick it up and then hire a content writer to help you create a great press release.

These methods can be done on a budget however, they are time consuming. That is why we would suggest looking into hiring an intern or college student looking to get into internet marketing. If you have an available budget for internet marketing then we would suggest letting the professionals take care of your internet marketing campaign.


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