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Common Mistakes that Annoy Website Visitors

Common Mistakes that Annoy Website Visitors

Are you wondering why your website is not performing as well as it should? Well you it could be because you are doing things that actually annoy most website users. Now, I understand nobody means to do things that will hurt their business but there is a trend that our Phoenix web design experts have noticed that small online business owners need to be aware of. Many of these things seem to be no brainers but you would be surprised at how many times we see these issues on a website. Let's take a closer look at things you may be doing that are annoying your users. If you notice that your website have some of these common mistakes on it then you should look at getting it updates as soon as possible. 

  1. Your Website is Like a History Book – When people are surfing the web they are looking for unique, up to date and factual content. Unfornately they are running into websites that are outdated. My theory is that small business owners get so busy and updating their website content is the last thing on their priority list. Even though this may be true the consequences of not updating your website can be devestating. 
  2. A Cluttered Page – Even though you may think that randomly placing content all over you website is a good thing this is extremely annoying for your website visitors. Unless you content is layed out in a way that is easy to locate what the visitor is looking for they will like leave. 
  3. Each Page Looks Like a Different Website – Website pages should have a consistent look and feel throughout the entire website. However, many small online business websites use different fonts, font colors and font sizes on every page. This is both annoying and unprofessional. 
  4. Browser Compatibility – Make sure that you test your website throughout all internet browsers. Just because you prefer using Google Chrome doesn't mean that all your website users are going to use Google Chrome. 
  5. Mobile Compatibility – We live in a day and age where more and more people are surfing the web using a mobile device such as a smart phone or a tablet that is why it is necessary that you have a mobile compatible website. 

These are some very common mistakes we see small business websites make. These mistakes could end up costing new and old customers so if your website falls into any of these groups we suggest updating your website as soon as possible. 


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