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5 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site Stand Out

5 Ways to Make Your eCommerce Site Stand Out

With so many eCommerce websites on the web many small eCommerce business owners ask their professional Phoenix web design company what they can do different to stand apart from their competition? So our team decided to answer those questions in order to show you how you can stand apart from your competition. Please keep in mind that you will still need to market your business with SEO, PPC, Social Media, etc. in order to grow your business. The war is one in the marketing trenches so make sure you are keeping up with latest marketing techniques. Now lets take a closer look at ways you can create an eCommerce website that stands apart from your competitors. 

  1. Use Great Imagery – When a person is visiting a site looking to buy something. They generally more likely to purchase your products if you use images rather than text. Think about when you go to a website to purchase a product. You want to see the pictures and not just a paragraph about the item. I realize that most eCommerce websites use images but this is where you can really stand out by making this a point of emphasis on your stie. 
  2. Offer a Reward for a Referral – So you may be wondering how you will get people to your website if they are only allowed to join by referral only right. Well offer your members something like a $25 gift card to your website for every referral. This will give your current members reason to refer people to your website. 
  3. Try Making The Site Exclusive – When people feel like they are part of something exclusive it makes them more likely to use your website. Make them feel like by shopping on your website it is an exclusive honor and not just a place to save money. 
  4. Creating an Urgency to Purchase – Many people believe this is creating pressure and that you will scare your customers away but if you have a time on the website where the product will expire and another product will show up it will likely keep them from shopping around and give them a sense of urgency to purchase from your website then and there. 
  5. Sell Items That Are Sold Out – You may be wondering how in the world that is possible. Offer a waiting list where customers can get put on a waiting list for the product if the product is already sold out. 

These are just some ways you can make your eCommerce site stand out from the competition. There are a ton of eCommerce website so you need to think outside the box and make yours stand out today. 


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