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Ways to Boost Local SEO without Content

Ways to Boost Local SEO without Content

Content is one of the most often touted elements of strong SEO. This is due to the fact that it is inexpensive and easy to create. This often leads people to ignore other elements of SEO for fear that it will be complicated or costly. However, there are many ways to build your local Phoenix SEO results without content. For example:

Open a forum

Instead of doing the writing yourself, allow your visitors to do so instead. Not only will a forum allow your consumers to bring the topics that are most important to them right to you, but it will also help your Phoenix SEO efforts and position your company as an industry leader whenever you answer the question yourself.

Just be sure to make that the general category that your forum fits into is clear to users; you wouldn’t want people to be asking questions about weightlifting on a forum intended for an electronics company.

Upgrade your website’s interface for robots

When your Phoenix web design company is building your website, of course they are keeping the overall interface in mind. The more good looking and intuitive your interface is, the more people will enjoy visiting your website. However, people aren’t the only ones who prefer that your website is easy to navigate. Search engine robots crawls through your site to better determine its overall search result worthiness; the easier it is for them to navigate, the better results you will yield. Make sure that the interface is easily navigated so that it can help and not hinder your local Phoenix SEO efforts.


Your content isn’t the only part of your website that needs to be optimized for better search engine results. Good titles, meta descriptions, etc. are other great ways to boost your search engine ranking and increase the likelihood that relevant searchers will actually click when they see your links.

Add images

People are visual creatures. This means that a having your Phoenix web design company build a website devoid of images is a big mistake. Google presents images that are relevant to a search whenever they can. In addition, people sometimes search exclusively for images via a search engine’s images query; if you don’t have any images on your website, you will be completely invisible to these searchers.

Verify everything

Making sure that your Google, Bing and Yahoo listings are verified is not only to make sure that your information is correct, although that is important as well (if Google Maps lists your business at a different location, you need to have this fixed ASAP). Verifying your listing also verifies your business in the mind of the search engine, thus yielding you more credibility and better search result listings.

Expand your company’s number of citations

You can actually boost your website’s influence via outside sites without any links or mentions of the web address. One way to do this is with citations. Essentially, these are mentions of your website that do not include a link. Search engines take note of this and will boost your local Phoenix SEO results as you gain more. A citation can include just about any information about your company. For example, it could include your name and address, your address and your phone number or just your name.

Earn more reviews

Getting reviewed often is another great way to boost your local Phoenix SEO ranking. Getting great reviews is obviously a great thing, but search engines actually pay more attention to companies that are constantly getting reviewed. This means that you should try to get people to review your company as often as possible. In most cases, you can directly address and correct the problems that caused poor reviews, so don’t worry too much about them (this will make your company look better anyway).

Don’t just stop at the popular review sites either. Create a review section right on your own website. This has a unique benefit of both increasing your review activity and your website’s traffic.

Network socially

Social networking is the holy grail of internet presence. You can gain linkbacks and citation en masse via social networks if you gain a high volume of real, active followers and leveraging them by remaining active with relevant content yourself. Even if your industry’s consumers seem to flock to only one social network, don’t just limit yourself there. Your company should be active on every major social network.

All of this isn’t to say that you should completely ignore content for your local Phoenix SEO results, but you shouldn’t rely on blogs alone either. Contact us today to learn more about quality SEO and how it can have a positive impact on your business in a powerful way.


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