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Creating Content When Your Time is on a Budget

Creating Content When Your Time is on a Budget

Your Phoenix business’ daily operations probably consume a lot of your time. Taking orders, running a storefront, managing shipments, handling customer issues and negotiating with partners—to name a few things—can make it seem impossible to be consistent with the content creation element of your Phoenix SEO campaign.

However, great content is the backbone of every successful SEO campaign, so it should not be ignored. It is possible to continually deliver great content to your target market without spending less time on the rest of your business. You should start by implementing the following strategies for more efficient content creation.

Embed great media to enhance the aesthetic value

People are visual creatures, so you should be using great pictures and videos to supplement your content no matter what. It is especially important that you supplement your content with highly engaging media when you need to create content that pops in a short amount of time.

The media does not necessarily have to be yours either. We aren’t suggesting that you plagiarize, but a well placed photo or video (with credit to the original creator) only takes seconds for your Phoenix SEO company or Phoenix web design company to add to your page. Be sure that they are aware—and gave you permission (some places, such as social networks, automatically grant its users permission to reuse content)—that you are using their content. This is also a great way to network with other online entities.

Go get inspired

Don’t be afraid to allow content that has already been created help you to quickly generate ideas for your next blog posts or articles. A couple of examples of resources you could use for inspiration include other blogs and current events in the news.

Drop a few infographics

An infographic is a quick, efficient, entertaining way for people to learn new facts; that is why everyone loves to come across one every once in a while. For you, it is an easy way to provide your users with content.

An inforgraphic requires little effort; oftentimes, a good infographic will include less than 150 words. All you need is a set of related facts about your industry—even ones that might seem basic to you—and the ability to create very basic graphics in which to place this information.

Let your social networks work for you

We live in an era of the live social media feed. This means that everything that goes on in your social networks can be immediately streamed to anything on the web. That being said, you can connect your live social media feeds to your external internet resources (your site, blog, etc.) as a source of constant content.

Post a tutorial

Few people know the ins and outs of your industry like you do. You should put this knowledge on display any chance you get, because doing so lets the world know that you know your stuff. A quick how-to guide about something in your industry that someone with less expertise might not know about is a great way to both position yourself as an industry leader and provide engaging content to your consumers.

Let your customers do your job for you

People love talking about a memorable experience they had, whether it was good or bad. You can leverage this habit into some great content for your website in the form of testimonials. Don’t be afraid to ask people to write a brief synopsis of how great their experience was with your company—you’d be surprised at how quickly people jump at such an opportunity.

Let a professional help you

You need professional Phoenix SEO company help to execute your overall Phoenix SEO campaign; your content is no different. The most time effective way to generate content for your local SEO campaign is to hire a professional content writer who can deliver the content that you need with expedient consistency. If you don’t know where to start when looking for one, consult your Phoenix SEO company.

For more information about how to improve your content creation or your Phoenix SEO campaign as a whole, visit HireAWiz; we can help you achieve the SEO results that you need!


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