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How to Gain Better Search Engine Results in Phoenix

How to Gain Better Search Engine Results in Phoenix

As a Phoenix area business, it makes sense for you to attract consumers in the Phoenix area. You can do this via your search engine marketing endeavors (if you do it in the right way). Avoiding the mistake of attracting a random scatter of traffic from people in places a lot less likely to invest in your products and services than those in Phoenix is possible. It can be done by making sure that as a business in Phoenix, your SEO activity draws in the people you want it to. Here is how:

Hire a Phoenix SEO firm

As a Phoenix area business leader who wants to attract business from the Phoenix area, you need to make sure that you leverage every tool available to you in order to make this a reality. This means that you should hire an SEO firm that not only holds a more general expertise in search engine marketing, but also in attracting searchers that are in Phoenix. To that end, your next SEO firm should be a Phoenix SEO firm. Working with a high quality Phoenix SEO firm—instead of one with expertise in other regions—will ensure that they will be working towards the goal of bringing you more local traffic (and ultimately sales leads) instead of just attracting random internet searchers from across the globe.

Keep your paid ads relevant to the needs of Phoenix searchers

Paid search ads should be an integral (if controlled) element of your search engine marketing campaign. The Phoenix SEO firm you work with should not only be able to oversee your paid search in a manner that optimizes this monetary investment regarding traffic created. They should also keep the Phoenix area in mind.

You just be thinking about location targeting, either. You need to make sure that the content of the ad resonates with searchers. People want to know what is available near them; they are therefore more likely to click on paid ads that make it clear that you are in Phoenix.

Cater your media to your consumers based on your location

As we mentioned in the previous section, paid media should play a relatively limited role in your search engine marketing plan. The two types of media that you should be focusing on more than anything else are owned and earned media.

Owned media

This encompasses social media accounts, location pages, ect. These are commonly overlooked as places where you should localize your content, but people use these resources for their local searches as well. Not only will you generate more links within the ecosystem of each resource, but you also give yourself more spots on search engine results, since these resources are also web pages in their own right. It is for these reasons that localizing these resources is imperative.

Earned media

This includes factors like SEO, Bing listing optimization, customer reviews, ect. It is important that these factors be localized; SEO is the most obvious one, but your other earned media must also be localized whenever possible. For instance, a customer review that makes it ostensibly clear that you are a Phoenix area business will increase the likelihood of drawing localized traffic to your site.

Keep landing pages localized

Landing pages are the backdoors to your web page that allow you to draw in traffic that your home page can’t due to content constraints. When creating a landing page it is easy to assume that the rest of your search engine marketing endeavors will take care of the localization.

While everything else does help in that regard, so do your landing pages. Therefore, the content of your landing pages should be Phoenix oriented so that they can supplement the clicks created by your local owned and earned media search engine marketing assets. A good SEO and/or web design company in Phoenix can help with this.

Don’t forget to keep your industry in mind

There are nearly 1.5 million people living in Phoenix, and over 4 million in the Phoenix area. Attracting all of them to your site would be great, but most of the resources required to make something like that happen would be wasted. In addition to localizing, make sure that your Phoenix SEO firm also keeps your industry in mind. Blending both will allow you to achieve optimal results.

Gaining more business in Phoenix requires you to remember who you are targeting

It is easy to get so caught up in your internet traffic generation endeavors that you forget why you were doing it in the first place. The first step towards generating local traffic is hiring a local Phoenix SEO firm. To learn more, feel free to contact us.



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