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7 Things to Consider for Your SEO Campaign

7 Things to Consider for Your SEO Campaign

Even if your sole business goal is just to attract more customers in the Phoenix area, people’s dependence on internet-based technology for just about everything means one thing for you: you need an SEO campaign that will get your business noticed by consumers before the competition. But since most businesses are doing SEO by now, you need an outstanding SEO campaign. Here are seven questions that you need to ask to make sure you are achieving that goal:

  1. Does my SEO firm use penalty-inducing SEO tactics?

    You need an SEO firm in phoenix to help you jump start and maintain your SEO campaign. That goes without saying, but you must also be careful about which one you choose. You need to audit the firm not just for their knowhow and capabilities, but also for the type of tactics they use. Many SEO services in Phoenix use tactics that will lead to penalties that can range from a severe drop in your search engine rankings to an outright ban from the search engines.

  2. Does my SEO company do local SEO targeting?

    As a Phoenix business it behooves you to attract the attention of consumers in the Phoenix area. SEO can help you achieve this goal, as internet searches often include either location information from the searcher’s device or a search that specifically mentions the area in question. Not all SEO firms keep this in mind, so you need to make sure that you hire an SEO firm in Phoenix that will attract Phoenix customers.

  3. What are the best keywords for my business specifically?

    Although keywords are no longer where SEO begins and ends, they still play a critical role in attaining that spot at the top of search engine results lists. In order for you to properly optimize your keywords, you need to know them first. This is not a simple thing; knowing what the hottest keywords are requires a great deal of knowledge and research. You may want to hire an SEO firm in Phoenix with their ears to the ground regarding this critical element of your campaign.

  4. What type of traffic will my SEO campaign produce?

    The ultimate business goal of your SEO campaign should NOT be to gain as many visitors as possible. A deluge of random traffic will not do much in the way of sales lead generation. That is why it is imperative that you make efforts be to generate relevant traffic that bears interest in your business’ offerings.

  5. Is social media an integral part of my SEO campaign?

    Social media is just as important to your SEO campaign as your content itself. Any SEO firm in Phoenix that does not know this should be avoided. There are countless SEO benefits that can be reaped from social networking, not least of all is a spike in organic linkbacks.

  6.  Does my SEO campaign help keep people at my website?

    Even if you were at the top of every single search engine results list, it wouldn’t matter if you can’t keep visitors there. If someone doesn’t like the content your site bears, then they will click away before you ever had a chance to sell them on your brand—let alone your products and services. Even if your team is doing most of the SEO legwork without help, it is still a good idea to at least use the services of an SEO consultant in Phoenix to guide you towards the creation of content that will keep people there.

  7. How have (or will) the search engine algorithms change?

    This is something that you need to constantly keep track of. A seemingly subtle change in a search engine’s algorithm can result in a largely positive (or negative) change in your rankings on their results. The recent Penguin 4.0 update, for example, catapulted many websites to the top of their rankings, while other sites—which had previously enjoyed search engine dominance—are now at the bottom of the barrel. While adjustments can be made to maintain or regain a top spot on the search engine results lists, you need to know about and understand the changes wrought by such updates. That is why this is another area in which it behooves you to hire an SEO consultant in Phoenix to monitor and guide you through this, even if you already have a team in place to manage your SEO.

A good SEO campaign requires constant attention, thorough research and attention to detail

When you are ready to take your SEO campaign to the next level, you are going to need help. Our team at HAW can help you achieve your SEO goals; we are an SEO firm in Phoenix that houses some of the best search engine experts out there.



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