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Search Engine Marketing and Public Relations

Search Engine Marketing and Public Relations

Since the birth of organized marketing, public relations has been a key component of everyone’s business, because how the people perceive your company defines your Phoenix company’s brand. Your company’s brand determines how likely people are to trust you enough to take a chance on your products or services.

The internet, however, has changed things dramatically. PR once wholly revolved around having a team of charismatic people who could convince the world that your business is awesome, but not anymore. While this certainly remains a critical element of swaying public opinion about your company, a more powerful tool for this has emerged: the internet.

In the beginning, a PR and Phoenix SEO campaign could operate completely independent from each other. However, search engine marketing has evolved to become less about cheaply gaming algorithms and more about connecting with real people. As such, your Phoenix SEO company can now do more to help or hinder your company’s brand than an army of public relations gurus. As such, the line between an internet marketing campaign and a PR campaign has blurred to near invisibility. Let’s take a look at some of the places where these two marketing strategies coalesce:

Social networks are the perfect places to pull PR stunts

The idea of “going viral” is a concept that is revered by social networkers across the globe. Your business should be no exception here. Going viral can increase your following thousands of times over in mere days, weeks hours or even minutes. It also pushes user engagement. citations and linkbacks to astronomical levels at the same rate.

Going viral, however, is not a simple matter. In order for this to happen, you need to do something that is hilarious, shocking or astounding in the minds of viewers across several demographic groups. In other words, going viral requires you to pull off an incredible PR stunt. To make such a rare event happen, you need your PR team and Phoenix SEO company to work together.

You can publicly resolve customer complaints on pro-SEO internet resources

No matter how great you, your company’s brand, your products or your services are, people are going to complain; there is nothing that you can do about this eventuality. Thanks to the internet, people can complain loudly and publicly. However, this does not necessarily have to be a bad thing.

When a customer complains, you (should) try to resolve the issue. Instead of resolving an issue related to a complaint that was publicly issued quietly, resolve said complaint—very loudly and emphatically—via the same medium which the customer used to express their ire. This is a PR move that will make people comfortable knowing that even if they have an issue with your products or services, they will still walk away with a smile.

Even if such an action doesn’t sate the angry customer, other people can view the actions that you took and decide whether or not you were helpful enough for themselves. Also keep in mind that this helps your local Phoenix SEO efforts, as any mention of your company, good or bad, helps boost your search engine ranking.

Newspapers are mostly online now as well

Since every newspaper in existence now serves the masses online, it only makes sense to send them information about your company virtually. Any time a newspaper posts a press release or article about your business, you not only gain attention via their website, but you also gain local Phoenix SEO boosting citations and linkbacks.

Capitalizing on current events can yield a huge PR boost

You don’t have t, and in fact shouldn’t, use the internet just to talk about your industry. Discussing current events is a great way to connect with people and get your posts shared by a broader demographic group. The latter, of course, yields benefits for your Phoenix SEO campaign.

How people see you online determines how you business will be branded

Do not attempt to force your public relations and Phoenix SEO campaigns to exist in two separate silos. They are now a part of the same universe and should be treated as such. To learn more, contact a member of HireaWiz, a top Phoenix SEO company.


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