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How to Get Noticed on Facebook Without Paying too Much

How to Get Noticed on Facebook Without Paying too Much

There are on average a billion posts on Facebook per day. This, in addition to the quickly shrinking attention span of people—thanks to the rapid expansion of the instantaneousness of everything in our world—is making it very difficult to gain the attention of the social networks billion plus users.

Since Facebook and other entities offer a number of tools for connecting with people on the network—many of them premium—it is easy to think that figuring out how to gain peoples attention is a problem that you can throw money at. However, approaching your Facebook strategy like this will ultimately result in you wasting money that could have otherwise been contributed to other elements of your Phoenix SEO campaign.

So how does a business get the most out of Facebook without blindly throwing money at it? Lets take a look at how you can get yourself noticed on Facebook—in a way that will benefit your Phoenix SEO campaign—without breaking the bank.

Take the time to become familiar with the Facebook toolset

In order to make sure that you are not blindly throwing money at tools that look like they might work, you need to understand the details of what each tool is truly capable of. Start with free tools like Facebook Insights, which allows you to “Find demographic data about your audience, and see how people are discovering and responding to your posts” after you have at least 30 likes on your page.

Work around the schedule of your target audience

A great way to get your posts ignored it to put them up when nobody is looking. You need to make sure that you post when people are most often on Facebook. Dont forget that your Phoenix SEO campaign is targeting specific people Make sure that you work with your Phoenix SEO company to determine when the people you are targeting are active. General data wont work for this—youll have to do some research.

Beg for attention

Facebook is not the place for your business to be shy. Whenever you post something or interact with a user, ask them to like and share your page and posts. This not only increases the number of people who have access to your posts, but it increases your visibility, as Facebook prioritizes popular posts on peoples timelines.

Be experimentally creative

Social media is constantly evolving, and so should your strategy. Regardless of your industry, you should try different ways to posts and various content types to see what your target audience best responds to. This could include pictures, videos, jokes, memes, informative blogs or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Customize everything

You need to make sure that every single element of your Facebook posts reflects your business, the theme of the post and the general goals of your Phoenix SEO plan. This means that you should be customizing everything about your post, including the content itself, the default title and the link title.

As we mentioned above, dont be afraid to get experimentally creative with this, as the goal here is to capture the attention of people who scroll past or click on your posts.

Dont ignore hashtags

In case you didnt get the memo, Facebook is using hashtags now. As with other hashtag using social networks, using these is a great way to increase the visibility of your page for users outside of your group of Facebook friends and likers. Be sure to use hashtags in every post so that you can draw people in. for example, if you are making a post about a digital camera that you sell, dont forget to add hashtags such as #digital camera and #camera.

Dont spam hashtags

Just because Facebook has given you the power to add hashtags to improve the social media results for your Phoenix SEO campaign doesnt mean that you should abuse it. Hashtags can make your entire page appear like spam if you add too many too often.

You dont need a billion dollar budget to take advantage of Facebooks billion users

The tips above will help you optimize your Facebook investment for your Phoenix SEO campaign. To learn more, feel free to contact us; we are a team of knowledgeable Phoenix SEO experts.


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