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5 Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

5 Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

One of the most important steps to any search engine optimization campaign is keyword research. This is what is going to determine what keywords you try to optimize and ultimately rank for on the search engines. This is a big factor in the overall success of your SEO campaign. It doesn’t just play a factor in how many people you get your website but also if the visitors to your site actually convert or if they leave your website without giving your website any business. That is why it is so very important that you don’t make mistakes on this step because if you do the success of your SEO campaign may never get off the ground. The scary thing is that many even so called experienced Phoenix SEO companies are making these critical mistakes that are costing their clients big time. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that are costing many small online businesses as they attempt to run a successful search engine optimization campaign.

  1. Choosing Keywords That Are To Broad – You don’t want to choose a keyword that is to broad as it will likely help you gain traffic to your website but it being traffic you actually want now that is a different story. For example imagine that you owned a plumbing business in Phoenix and you began ranking for Plumbing. There are a lot of people that carry out searches for plumbing but what good is somebody that is coming to your website from New York when your business is located in Phoenix. Besides that most people searching for plumbing are likely looking for information about plumbing and won’t convert anyways. The better option would be to use a keyword like plumbers in Phoenix, AZ. Most people searching for this keyword phrase would likely be interested in the services a Phoenix plumber would provide.
  2. Keywords With To High Of Competition – When your doing keyword research you will run into keywords that look amazing. They will offer a lot of traffic and are keywords that will convert great but the one problem is they are high competition keywords. What does this mean to you? Well, what this means to you is that other companies that likely have budgets that will far exceed what your willing to spend are ranking for these keywords so you won’t have a chance. For example if Walmart is ranking for a keyword the chances of you ever over taking them in the search engines is slim to none.
  3. Keywords Without Enough Traffic – This is one you should be concerned about especially if you are paying a SEO company. There are SEO companies out there that will guarantee rankings and then rank you for keywords that get little to know searches. What good is being ranked number 1 on the search engines if nobody searches for that particular keyword? There is no benefit from this and you are likely thowing your money away.
  4. Keywords That Don’t Convert – I briefly touched on this one earlier but this is another major reason why keyword research is so important. So many people just try to guess what keywords will convert without doing any real research and end up spending thousands of dollars to rank a particular keyword just find out that none of their traffic is converting.
  5. Trying To Rank For One Keyword At A Time – Don’t waste your time trying to rank one keyword at a time. You can be working on numerous keywords at once.

These are 5 mistakes doom many small online businesses that are trying to run a successful search engine optimization campaign. If you are going to hire a Phoenix SEO company then do your best to make sure that they are not making any of these key mistakes when performing keyword research.


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