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How To Run A More Efficient PPC Campaign

How To Run A More Efficient PPC Campaign

I know that in the past we have suggested you go with search engine optimization over PPC if you weren’t able to do both. However, if you have been able to run or have chosen to run a Pay Per Click campaign then I am sure you know how it can be time consuming. This is a major problem for most small business owners as they don’t have the time to be spending on a Pay Per Click campaign. I realize that it is marketing and it will help the business grow but if you can’t run and operate your business it won’t matter. That is why our SEO company in Phoenix looked into some ways that you can run a more effecient pay per click campaign. This will allow you as a business owner to invest time into doing what you do best and that is running your business.

  • Implement Mass Editing – This one change could end up saving you hours upon hours a year. One of the most monotonous things about a pay per click campaign is the hours spent on editing. There are management tools that now offer this function and trust me they are well worth it. If you don’t believe me I would strongly suggest you implement a management tool into your pay per click campaign and you will not know how you survived without one.
  • Pause Words With Bad Quality Scores – Most management tools will offer something called a quality score. This will help you know which keywords are working and which keywords are dragging down your campaign. Don’t waste any more of your time on keywords that are giving you little to know return on your investment or ROI. Pause or remove these keywords from your campaign and try targeting keywords with a higher quality score.
  • Pause Low Performing Ads – You should be testing different ads to see what works the best for your keywords and target audience and you also should be tracking these results with some type of analytics program. That being said you should pause your low performing ads. Some people make the mistake of keeping ads active way to long. I guess they are hoping it will turn around for them.
  • Never Leave Just One Ad Running in Any Ad Group – I am sure that you are aware that you should be running at least two or three ads in each ad group. This is best practice because it allows you to constantly be testing and collecting valuable data that you can then turn around and use on your search engine optimization campaign.

These are 4 ways that you will not only make your pay per click campaign more effecient but also more successful. We would suggest using PPC along side your search engine optimization campaing for the best resutls.


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