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3 PPC Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

3 PPC Mistakes That Will Cost You Money

Pay per click campaigns can be expensive and many times is the reason small online business owners choose not to go with a Pay Per Click campaign. Little do they know most of them are making some key mistakes that are costing them lots of money. If you are looking to start an online marketing campaign such as Pay per click, search engine optimization, and or social media campaigns we would strongly suggest contact a Phoenix web design team that are experts in the are of online marketing so you don’t waste any money unnecessarily. You work to hard to keep your business not only going but to grow it to lose money on mistakes that can easily be avoided. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes small online business owners make while attempting to run a Pay Per Click campaign.

  1. Sending Visitors to Your Home Page – Your home page is not setup to sell the ad that you are using to drive traffic to your website. For example your ad may be offering a discount price on certain products but when somebody clicks on your ad they see your home page with all your normal priced products. Rather than going and trying to find that particular product many of your visitors will just leave your website costing you a click. You need to send your customers to custom pages that go with the ad’s your using for your Pay Per Click campaign.
  2. Sending Visitors to Your Contact Page – Not only is this annoying for the site visitor and makes it more difficult to sell there is also a chance that it could be violating some of Google’s Adword rules. If you are requiring a visitor to fill something out in return for something free or discounted you are in violation of the rules and could be docked.
  3. Split Test – Split testing your keywords before running a full blown PPC campaign is key. Use different types of the same ad to find out which ad creates the best results.

These are 3 common mistake our team of Phoenix web design professionals see on a frequent basis. When running any type of internet marketing is best to contact a company of experts like HireAWiz to help you run the best and most successful online marketing campaign you can. If you would like more information contact us today.


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