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3 Ways to Turn PPC Clicks into Sales

3 Ways to Turn PPC Clicks into Sales

When running a Pay Per Click campaign and even a Facebook Ad campaign your goal is to not only get people to click on your ad but to convert them into a sale. If all you did is got people to click on your ad and not convert them into a sale you would have a negative return on investment and obviously nobody is in the business of losing money. You work to hard to attempt an online marketing campaign just to find out that it fails and you are actually losing money on the venture. Even worse yet are the people who don’t track their results and lose money for a long period of time because they don’t know that they are losing money. This is why we tell you it is very important to track the success of your campaigns. You may want to contact a Phoenix web design company such as HireAWiz to help you with your online marketing strategies. Let’s take a quick look at some of the things you can do to help you convert clicks to sales.

  1. Do Your Research – Research is key because you may be unknowingly targeting an audience that is just looking for information about your particular service or product rather than actually purchasing anything. When this happens it gets you a lot of traffic with little conversions an example of this happening would be if you own a travel agency and you targeted keywords like Hawaii and the Bahamas. Now there are many different reasons why somebody may search for those keywords and not all of them are to book a trip.
  2. Be Straight Forward in Your Ad – Don’t try to be sneaky on your ads in order to get people to click on your ad. Remember the end goal is conversions not total traffic. Getting 100 visitors with 50 conversions is better than 150 visitors with only 25 conversions. This is why you don’t want to be sneaky by doing something like advertising something for free and then when the visitor clicks on your ad they find out they have to make a $100 purchase to get the free item. By not being straight forward you will likely lose most of your visitors and even possibly lose some that would of taken your offer had you been straight forward with them from the beginning.
  3. Make a Great First Impression – I have said this before, when a person goes to a website they are going to make up their minds whether they are going to stay on the website or leave the website within the first 5 seconds. This leaves you with a small window to leave a great first impression. That is why it is important to hire a professional Phoenix web design company like HireAWiz to not only design your website but design it in a way that will help you succeed.

Follow these 3 simple rules and you will be on your way to turning clicks into sales. If you would like a professional Phoenix web design team to analyze your website and give youa free quote contact HireAWiz today.


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