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How to Create More Engaging Website Landing Pages

How to Create More Engaging Website Landing Pages

A key to running a successful online marketing campaign is your landing pages. As a Phoenix web design company we understand that their are ways to make your landing page successful and there are things many small online business owners do that are not successful and ultimately ends up discourage the small online business owners from pursuing online marketing campaigns. Without any type of successful online marketing campaigns such as search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing and or any other type of marketing your business is going to have a hard time to not only grow but even make it. Owning your own business is rewarding but you must put in the work to grow it and make it succeed and that involves online marketing. Whether you like it or not online marketing is only going to become a bigger part to your businesses success in the future. Landing pages are often over looked but play a key part in an online marketing campaign. Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to do in order to properly run an online marketing campaign.

  1. Customize Your Landing Pages – Don’t make your landing page your home page or another page on your website. Create custom landing pages that are designed to convert the visitors into sales. Your ultimate goal is to get all your visitors to convert into sales. If you just send visitors to your home page you will have a lower conversion rate than if you create a custom landing page that is designed to sell.
  2. Test Test and Test – Split testing is key when it comes to having successful landing pages. Try using different images, different text, videos, etc. Create a few different landing pages and test them to find out which pages give you the best conversion rates and begin using them. You will always want to use an analytics program such as Google Analytics to keep track of your statistics so you better understand what is working and what is not working. You want to give yourself the highest possible return on investment.
  3. Experiment with Videos – Like I briefly mentioned above try using video’s on your landing pages. It is proven that most people just scan text on a website and only read what they are looking for. This can cause your website visitors to miss some very important information that could turn the visitor into a sale. This is where a video comes into play. A website visitor is much more likely to watch a brief video than read the content on your landing pages.

Our Phoenix web design team have come up with some key things that can help you run a successful online marketing campaign. The above information is key to having successful landing pages. You want the visitors you drive to your website to convert into sales as each visitor costs you and your online business money and we know as a small business owner your not in the business of losing money. If you would like to find out what HireAWiz can do for you to improve your online marketing success please contact us today.


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