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When it Comes to Marketing Think Outside of the Box

With Phoenix web design being so competitive most companies will all tell you the same thing when it comes to marketing your website and small business. They will mention search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, and Social Media marketing. These are all great strategies and are definitely needed in order to compete but what is going to push you over the top. For this you need a Phoenix web design team that will think out of the box and assist you in developing a marketing strategy that will work best for your business. So what are some out of the box marketing strategies that you can do for your business to gain more traffic to your website.

  1. YouTube Channel – There are many ways you can create a video. You can use a template and add your companies information to the template or have a video showcasing what your company does. If you are thinking out of the box you may consider making your own homemade commercial using things that tend to go viral on the internet. For example people love animals figure out a way to add your family pet into the commercial.
  2. Referral Program –  Many businesses have these and they are very successful but consider speaking to your Phoenix web design team about showcasing your referral program. Get creative and think of ways to make it a big deal because as you know word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing.
  3. Happy Hour Prices – You may think I am talking about a bar or restaurant but that is not the case. What better way to promote your website than offering Happy Hour prices for customers who visit your site between certain hours. Offer the visitor something different each day as this will having your visitors checking back on a near daily basis to see the great deal they will get that day.
  4. Charity – This form of advertising is great because not only are you promoting your business or website but you are giving to people in need.
  5. Logo – Get creative with the places you put your logo. Remember brand recognition is huge in the marketing world. You  can create bumper stickers and give each customer the option of getting a free bumper sticker each time they purchase something before you know it you will notice vehicles driving around with your logo on their car.  Another great idea is to create little note pads with your logo on them and give them to some local businesses that has a lot of customer interaction.

Sometimes to truly take your business to the next step you need to move away from ordinary and begin thinking outside the box. Obviously these tips won’t work for every business as you must customize your marketing strategy to fit your businesses needs. Being a Phoenix web design company we can work with you to not only create a great website but to help you develop a marketing strategy that will work. Contact us today for a free quote.


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