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5 Tips to Creating a Successful Survey

Every business wants to collect information from their current and future customers so that they understand what exactly it is that is making the customer choose them over their competition. This is no different within the Scottsdale web design industry and one key way to gain this information is via a survey. As easy as it sounds to develop a survey and get people to take them there are some things you can do to make your survey a success. You want your survey to give specific information and not waste your time collecting data that doesn’t matter. So how can you insure that your survey is going to be a success?

  1. Goal – You will not be able to develop a survey without knowing exactly what it is you want it to accomplish. By understanding what your looking for the survey to accomplish it is much easier to develop questions that will accomplish their objectives.
  2. Short and Easy to Understand – Whether it be explaining the survey or the questions make them short and easy to understand. If it is difficult to understand or like reading a book either people won’t want to take the survey or they will misunderstand the question giving you flawed results.
  3. Space for Comments – Always make sure to leave space for the individual to add comments. They may have a great suggestion or maybe they will bring to light something you missed.
  4. Incentives – People don’t really want to take a survey but if they are getting something in return they definitely will be interested.
  5. Tracking – As with everything tracking is key. As a Scottsdale web design firm this is simple because we would run an online survey that would tally up the results for us. We would suggest using Survey Monkey or another Survey firm.

Surveys are great ways to improve your business. Whether you setup a survey to help with your SEO to determine what keywords people search to find your business or you use it to determine what most people who come to your store are looking for surveys are definitely a key to becoming successful.


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