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5 Awesome Social Media Websites You May Not Know About

5 Awesome Social Media Websites You May Not Know About

Are you one of those people that are always the last to discover a website whether it be the next big Social Media website or the next cool gaming website? I am going to start a series of new blogs that will illustrate the top 5 up and coming websites for a certain subject. These websites are going to be websites that maybe you haven't heard of yet but are definitely worth checking out. Why not start with the websites that are in high demand and look at some up and coming Social Media websites.

  1. Klout Have you ever wondered what type of influence you have on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media websites? Working in the Phoenix web design industry this is something we often wonder as a company. Well this new social media tool will measure just how influential you are in the Social Media world.
  2. StorenvyTalk about a cool website. Whether you are looking for cool and unique items or you are trying to find away to sell but can't afford a website or a store front storenvy is for you. Storenvy works almost like an online mall. You really have to check this out for yourself.
  3. MeetupAre you wanting to meet up with like minded people? This is a great place to get a group of people together for an event. This is a great networking tool.
  4. KickstarterDo you have a great idea but not sure how you are going to fund the idea? Kickstarter allows you to post your project and people will donate money towards your project the people donating money will usually get something in return for their donations however they will have the option to donate whatever amount they want.
  5. LocalMindHave you ever wondered how long the lines are at a local theme park or how long the wait is to get into your favorite restaurant? Well with localmind you can ask a question and it will send the message to somebody who is currently checked in via Facebook at the local business. Then the person will message you back with the answer and this all in real time.

You may or may not have heard of these websites before but they are definitely worth checking out. If you have the next great idea find out how our Phoenix web design team can help you design and develop the next great website. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.  


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