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How to Grow Your Loyal Online Customer Base

How to Grow Your Loyal Online Customer Base

A key to running a successful online marketing campaign is not by just getting a bunch of traffic to your website but rather to turn the traffic you are getting to your website into loyal customers. It is much easier to gain loyal customers while running a brick and mortar store than it is with an online small business. With a brick and mortar store you are in front of your customers and can truly use customer service to gain customers that will come back to your store because you are who you are and not go to store in order to save a few cents. Our Scottsdale web design team wants to show you exactly how you can gain just as many loyal customers as you can with a brick and mortar store. Just because you have an online business doesn't mean you can't stand apart from your comeptition and gain a core group of loyal customers that will make you more and more successful. Let's take a closer look at some of the ways that you can build a loyal customer base that will help you take your business to an entirely new level. 

  • Feature Loyal Customers on Your Social Media Pages – Everybody likes to be appreciated and by featuring some of your loyal customers each month this will give you huge bonus points. This is an especially important feature if the customer you are choosing to feature has a small business of their own. As you know the importance it is to be promoted by other people to their customers. 
  • Create Shout Out Friday on Twitter – This is a great way to gain followers and also create new loyal customers. Every Friday pick out a handful of your followers and give them a shoutout on Twitter. This is both fun for your followers as well as will be much appreciated by your customers. 
  • Use Mobile Marketing – A great way to keep customers coming back is to use mobile marketing but with certain customers that reach a certain level you can give them a little extra by sending them something for free or extra discounts via text message. This will both keep the customer coming back as well as help with your referral business. 
  • Make Sure You Follow Through – Many businesses get over their head and start something such as a loyality program for their customers and then stop it out of the blue. This looks really bad. Make sure that you do your research prior to beginning any type of promotion so you don't have to pull the rug out from underneath your customers and upset them at you. 
  • Start a Loyalty Program That Makes Sense for Your Customers – A loyalty program is a great idea and you definitely should pursue starting one but please make sure that you keep your target audience in mind when starting a loyalty program. You would be shocked at how many small online businesses start a loyalty program but it really doesn't mean a whole lot to their target audience. Again make sure that you do your research. If you don't it will end up costing you and this promotion will come to a screaching halt and your customers will be upset.

If you can create a loyal customer base then your business will begin to grow beyond your imagination. If you can take the visitors that you are getting from you internet marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, pay per click, social media marketing, etc. and turn them into loyal customers. Don't spend all that money to get people to your website just to see them never return. Use some of these tips and watch your loyal customer base continue to grow. 



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