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3 Critical Website Design Mistakes

3 Critical Website Design Mistakes

Whether you are looking to have a website developed by a Phoenix web design company for the very first time or you are looking for a website re design you must be careful to avoid some fatal website mistakes that many small online business owners make time and time again. A good Phoenix web design company will work to not only help their clients create a great website but help their clients create a website that that helps the small online business grow their business. When a a web design company helps a client grow their business and plays a part in making them successful they develop a business relationship that lasts. A good web design company will make sure you don’t make some of these fatal errors on your website. Let’s take a closer look at some of the fatal errors that so many online businesses are making.

  • Trying to impress visitors rather than selling visitors – The main goal of your website is to get each website visitor to convert whether that means into a sale, a membership signup, or simply an email signup you want your visitors to convert. Many people get caught up in wanting people to be WOW’d by their website they fail to sell whatever it is they are wanting to sell. This is not good on your business’s return on investment.
  • Making the navigation confusing – When somebody goes to your website they are wanting to know how to navigate your website and find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Many small businesses make this way more difficult than it needs to be. Imagine going to the Grocery store and everything is scattered all over the place. This is how some websites make the navigation and it is frustrating and makes the visitor never want to come back to the website.
  • Hiding essential information deep in the website – If there is something that you believe is vital for your website visitors to see you should highlight it on your website. Some small online businesses actually hide it deep int he website and force numerous clicks so most of their website visitors never see the information.

These are 3 things errors that can have a fatal impact on your online business. The key is to hire a professional Phoenix web design team that will make sure that you and your business do not make this vital mistakes. If you would like a free analysis contact HireAWiz today for a free quote.


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