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5 Ways to Help Your Website Become Profitable

With so much competition within the Phoenix web design market we understand how to not only create our customers a great website but also help give them the tools to succeed in the online business world. When people contact us to develop a website for them usually their main goal is to use it to make money. So I thought I would go over with you some different ways that you can make money on your website. Are you using your website up to its maximum money making potential? The answer is probably not so lets look at some minor things you can do that can pay major divide ends.

  1. Google Adsense – If your website gets a good number of visitors to it each month then adding Google Adsense can end up making you an extra one hundred, a thousand, or even ten thousand dollars a month depending upon the amount of traffic you get to your website. You basically just need to take the snippets and put an ad on your website. Every time somebody from your website clicks on the ad you earn money.
  2. Banner Space –  Selling banner ads is a great way to make some extra income. The more traffic you get the more you can charge a business to advertise on your website. Remember in order to sell banner ads you will need to show the business how much traffic you get each and every month. We would suggest tracking your traffic with Google Analytics.
  3. Surveys –If you are willing to allow companies such as Vizu to run surveys on your website they will pay for the surveys on your website. This is similar to advertising on your website except your visitors will be filling out surveys.
  4. Audio Ads – There is a new way of advertising. It is called online audio ads which allow you to place somebody's audio ad on your website that can't be stopped. The ad will run for 5 seconds or so and every time you get a visitor to your website you will make money as it works as a pay per hear format.
  5. Selling the website – If you can build the business or traffic to a domain name up you then can turn around and sell the website and make a major profit from the website.

These are some unique ways you may want to consider to make some extra money on your website. Our Phoenix web design team will be hear to help you and give you ideas. The bottom line is you are wanting your website to make money. That is where Hireawiz comes into play. We do more for our clients than just Phoenix web design we work to help make our clients successful hoping that as they grow they will use us for all their web design needs.  


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