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3 Annoying Website Features To Do Away With

3 Annoying Website Features To Do Away With

Do you prefer Walmart or Target? Whichever one you prefer I am sure you have your reasons and it is likely because of the things that¬† annoy you about the store you that you are not that fond of. Same goes for websites; a customer may choose your competitor simply because you have certain features on your website that annoys the users that are visiting your website. You may have these features on your website because you believe it is helping you with conversions or you personally like what the feature does for your website however the real question you should be asking yourself is how does your customer feel about the features? We will use HireAWiz for example, Phoenix web design can be a very tough market so if we annoy our customers it doesn’t take them long to go to another one of our Phoenix web design competitors. There are 3 things we have found that websites do that annoy visitors and probably end up costing them a lot of business.

  1. Video and Animation –Now I am not advising you to not use video on your website because it can be a great tool but needs to be used with the proper strategy. What you don’t want to do however is to have video’s and animation playing every time the visitor goes to a page then they have to locate the video and stop it this can be very distracting. Remember a video will use resources so visitors that may be using an older computer may have trouble navigating your website.
  2. Popups –Nobody wants to go to a website and get a ton of popups. When there is a tool invented to block popups and it comes set as default on a web browser it probably isn’t a good idea to add them to your website. So many people try to over think their websites instead of trying to make it look good and simple for the user to use.
  3. Ads –Ads can be a great way to make some extra money. If you are going to use ads on your website you need to strategically place them on the website so that they don’t annoy your visitors. People don’t want to read content on your website just to find an ad placed in each paragraph. Generally an ad will be placed on the left or right side of the webpage.

If your businesses field is as competitive as Phoenix web design is and you are making some of these mistakes you may be losing many of your websites visitors. One way to judge your website is by asking your friends to visit your website and ask them for feedback. Figure out the things that they like and didn’t like about your website. If your looking for a new website or SEO for an existing website contact us today for a free quote and SEO report.


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