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Understanding the Facebook Timeline Feature

Understanding the Facebook Timeline Feature

You probably have had a Facebook business page for a while and believe that the transition to the new Facebook timeline went through seamlessly. It may have appeared this way however there are some key things that have changed that you must now know in order to make your Facebook marketing campaign a successful one. In a market like Scottsdale web design you must keep up with all the recent strategies and that is exactly what HireAWiz does. We want your business to be successful and hopefully you will choose us for all your Scottsdale web design needs. I am going to take you through some key things that have changed so you can begin to adjust your Facebook marketing strategies in order to maximize the conversions it is giving you. How many people do you think your posts are reaching? I am sure you believe that when you post something on Facebook a large number of your likes will see this post but you are wrong.

Facebook has developed a new algorithm called Facebook Edge Rank that works similar to the Google judges search engine optimization of websites. Even if you fully optimize your Facebook page the maximum number of people that will see your post is 16 percent of you likes. They did this to get people to pay for their new reach program. If you want to reach more of your likes than the 16 percent they are allowing you will have to pay. If you have noticed a drop off this is why. I don't know if you were one of the many businesses that used a Facebook landing page or not. Well if you were that is now gone. Many businesses like to be able to tell a little bit about them or give them a special offer but unfortunately they will no longer be able to do this. Your Facebook timeline is now the page that Facebook users will see when accessing your Facebook fan page. If you like using 3rd party applications to post to your social media you may want to start paying attention to your Facebook page. When a user decides to use a 3rd party application to post their Facebook page the post will look different and often times kind of messed up. My recommendation here is that you spend the extra 2 minutes and go in and update your Facebook posts manually I know this is annoying but you want your Facebook visitors to see that you put your best foot forward. In order to use your social media accounts appropriately you must first understand what they are allowing you to do and how they work. Once you understand these factors you will be able to setup a social media strategy that really works then and only then will notice the rewards of running a successful social media campaign. While assisting our clients with great Scottsdale web design we also work to help our clients with both SEO and social media marketing. If you would like us to look at your social media accounts and let you know how we can help you today contact us now.  


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