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5 Ways to Improve Your eCommerce Website’s Conversion Rate

We are noticing more and more entrepreneurs are starting up online businesses rather than the traditional store front business. This is due to living in the internet age where there are so many obvious benefits to starting a business online rather than using the traditional store front. Likely the number 1 reason we are seeing this is due to the cost you eliminate from running an eCommerce business; you no longer will have the rent and other bills that come along with a store front building and besides that you are able to reach a market you could never reach by having a store front. As great as running an eCommerce business sounds you must be able to find a way to convert sales without having the opportunity to interact face to face with your customers. This is why your Phoenix web design is so important. you must think outside the box in order to run a successful online business.

  1. Highlight Popular Items – You will know what items are hot selling items on your website. If you know many of your visitors are looking for these items don’t hide them somewhere on your website. You should showcase them on the homepage so that when your visitors come to your website they will see them and have the opportunity to purchase them.
  2. Engage Shoppers – Setup a live chat on pages so that when a visitor is on a product for more than a couple minutes a chat box will pop up and allow you to engage the customer. This will cut down on the number of people leaving your website from the product or checkout pages.
  3. Be Available – The online chat function allows potential customers to get live help when visiting your website. Most eCommerce websites have such poor customer service that if it was a store front people would probably boycott their store. I mean imagine going into your local Phoenix web design firm and nobody is there to help you. You would likely walkout in frustration and anger.
  4. Internet Never Sleeps – This is especially true for the eCommerce pages that have a global market. You will need to make sure that you have a customer service rep available around the clock.
  5. Evolve – You will begin noticing things that you can do that will help you become more successful. Always be experimenting to help make your costumer experience better and ultimately grow your business.

Your eCommerce business is nothing if you can’t convert visitors into sales and that is why your Phoenix web design is so important. HireAWiz is an experienced Phoenix web design company that will not only build you a great website but give you the tips and tricks needed to succeed. Contact us today for a free quote.


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