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Benefits of Facebook’s Timeline for Your Business.

Benefits of Facebook’s Timeline for Your Business.

So as you may have noticed we have all been switched over to Facebook's timeline. Some of us don't like it at all and others seem to like it more than others. Whatever your opinion of Facebook's new timeline is, there is nothing you can do about it now so instead of complaining we need to begin looking at what it can do for you and your business. Phoenix web design is a field that understands the importance of branding and advertising so instead of viewing it as a negative thing we tried to see how this new Facebook timeline could be looked at as a positive and how it may help our clients and businesses.

  1. Facebook Apps – The apps on the new Facebook timeline are much more visible. The most recent photo added to the app will be the image used in the app. This is a great way to feature different sections of your business.
  2. History – With the new milestones you can give people a look at the history of your business. Showing them when your business began and some important milestones along the way. This is great for potential new customers as it will help them feel more comfortable with your business.
  3. Story Telling – You can use the new layout too tell a story about your products or company. You can either use the milestones feature mentioned above or the photo option. As a Phoenix web design company we can help you come up with a great Facebook design.
  4. Branding – Last but certainly not least the Facebook timeline will help you with branding. This may be the most important thing that the new timeline can help your business with. With the way the new image is on your page when people visit your Facebook page they are sure to see your logo and your slogan. With the new photo you need to become creative and place something in there that will be eye catching.

Whether you like the new Facebook timeline or not you might as well not dwell on the negatives and begin looking at the positives. Facebook is critical to growing your business to that next level as there is hundreds of millions of people on Facebook that you can market directly too. As a Phoenix web design company we can show you not only how to create a successful Facebook page but also how to run a successful SEO campaign all you have to do is contact us today.


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