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Facebook and Twitter Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Facebook and Twitter Marketing Tactics for Your Business

Every business has or has considered starting social media pages but for whatever reason either haven’t gotten around to it or there social media pages are not doing anything for their business. As an Arizona web design company we have noticed that many small businesses simply don’t know how to market social media websites successfully. The reason is because it is totally different than anything your used too. As a successful business owner I am sure you know how to promote your company and sell your services and products but when it comes to social media you need to fight the urge to do this. The reason is people use social media to interact and read interesting post they don’t use it to view a sales pitch. If you become too much of a salesman then anybody that was following your page will either delete you or block your posts from showing up on their wall. So you may be wondering how you are supposed to successfully market your business without being a sale person. Our Arizona web design team has developed some strategies that we believe will help you to successfully market your business on social media websites.


  1. Blog – Every time you post a blog update it directly on too Facebook. There is two reasons to do this; 1) Blogs are generally informational and will likely be something your followers will want to read and will keep them coming back to see your updated posts and 2) This will take the follower to your website where there will be writing that was created to convert sales.
  2. Content – One thing that you want to work on is creating posts that people share. Someone sharing your posts opens that post up to all of that followers friends. That is why getting posts to go viral is so important.
  3. Competition – One of the best ways to get your Facebook followers involved on your page is by running a competition. Maybe run a competition that will help to get you followers.


  1. Quantity – With Twitter quantity is key. The more followers you have the more successful your Twitter page will be for your business. You can use websites like Twello.com to help you get followers.
  2. Tweet – Tweet frequently. People use Twitter to follow peoples or businesses updates.
  3. Include Others – Always be tweeting something from an influential Twitter follower and let them know that you are tweeting there content or tweeting about them.

As an Arizona web design company these are some very important things you can do in order to make your social media marketing campaign more successful. We do have tips for other social media pages that I will be posting later. If you would like help refining your companies social media marketing campaign feel free to contact us today.


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