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3 Online Marketing Lessons to Take Note Of

3 Online Marketing Lessons to Take Note Of

If you are a small online business owner then you know the importance of running a successful marketing campaign. However, you are choosing to market your business the growth and mere existance of your business is based upon how well you market your business. Our Phoenix SEO company overtime has learned some lessons that we thought would be of value to the small business owner. So whether you are running a social media marketing campaign, search engine optimization campaign, pay per click campaign or any other type of campaign hopefully you will find these lessons helpful.

  1. Honesty – People don’t like it when you are tying to sell them something or have an alternative motive that may cause you to be dishonest. That is why if you begin posting things that have no alterior motive and just be 100% honest people will not only be more likely to read your post or do business with you but they will be much more likely to share your site with friends and family. Everybody looks for companies and people they can trust. This is so important to any marketing campaign that is why this is lesson number 1.
  2. Respond (Even if they are issues) – Have you ever had people post something on your page because they believe you did something that was wrong and they wanted a solution. This can be a PR nightmare because now all your followers or likes are seeing the issue they had and seeing somebody talk bad about you. You may feel liking not only removing their comment but removing their like all together but this is not the way to go. If you do that then the people that have already seen the post will wonder why it was just deleted like you are trying to hide something. The other thing is that user will more than likely begin posting things about you on their page and asking for shares. You never know how many shares this will get or if it could go viral. That is why the best thing to do is first thank the user for their feedback, acknowledge the issue, then offer a solution and fix the problem. This may not always please the user as some people can never be pleased however, it will show others that you are trying to fix the issue and that you take complaints very seriously.
  3. Don’t Panic When You Witness Negativity – This scares most small online business owners. They will write a blog or post something that they think is good and then all of the sudden  people begin commenting saying how terrible the post is or how dumb you are. Well don’t panic as the negative commenters usually are the first to begin commenting and it really gets the ball rolling. I assure you though that most of the time unless it is a post that is something you shouldn’t be posting the good commenters will show up.

If you are running any type of marketing campaign then I am sure you are facing challenges but take it from our marketing team these are lessons we have learned over time and I believe they will help most of you.


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