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5 Tactics for More Twitter Followers

5 Tactics for More Twitter Followers

One of the hardest parts about running a successful Twitter campaign if your a small business is getting new followers that will be active in retweeting. Without followers your Twitter campaign is useless and you will be Tweeting for no reason and with no benefit. That is why our team Phoenix website design and SEO specialists got together to come up with ways you can gain more followers and help your Twitter campaign become more successful. I am sure many of our readers have ran into this very problem so let’s take a closer look at how you can gain more followers and begin using Twitter in a way that will benefit you and your small online business.

  1. Time: Many people just Tweet and pay no attention to the time of day that they are Tweeting. You will want to begin Tweeting during times most of your followers are online. You will want to run tests but generally the best time to Tweet is after 7 PM. This gives people the chance to get off work, cook and eat dinner after that most people go to surfing the web and checking their social media accounts.
  2. Initiate Conversations – Find users that have a high follow rate and initiate a conversation with them. These are users that will be active and help your Twitter campaign.
  3. Produce Great Content – You have to give people an incentive to follow you and there is no better way to do this than to use great content as an incentive. If you have great content that people want to read then you will get followers that are constantly checking your Twitter page and site for new articles. This is another great benefit great content offers your business so don’t just write for SEO.
  4. More Followers – Having more followers than friends show people that the content on your page is interesting and people are following you for a reason. If you have as many followers as you do people you are following then this would suggest that you are just making deals with people and trading follows.
  5. Don’t Blindly Follow Back – Remember you want a higher ration of followers than you do friends so you should not follow somebody back unless you are truly interested in the content they have to offer.

You need to set rules in place for all your social media campaigns then you have to provide content and or a service that will keep your followers coming back.


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