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Treating your SEO Campaign like an Artist Treats a Canvas

Treating your SEO Campaign like an Artist Treats a Canvas

Despite the complex, seemingly precise foundation that search engine giants like Google have laid for search engine marketing, SEO is still in the experimental stage. This means that both you and your Phoenix SEO company should be willing to step outside of your virtual box and try different things. But what sorts of creative things should you be doing? In this article, we will explain how to step outside of the traditionally rigid thinking of a marketer and into the shoes of an artist—to the benefit of your Phoenix SEO campaign.

Don’t try to invent the wheel

There are so many things that have already been created that the creation of anything truly new is few and far between; the internet is no exception to this rule. If you rack your brain trying to create the latest, greatest SEO campaign strategy from scratch without any influence from outside actors, then your Phoenix SEO campaign will actually suffer. Instead of doing this, find out what has worked in the past and is what likely to work for you; then incorporate these things into your SEO plan.

Allow the world to inspire you

The above phrase may sound cliché, but it is especially true regarding how you should be approaching your Phoenix SEO campaign. While we aren’t suggesting that you go out and stare at stars, clouds, birds and trees—unless these things happen to be relevant to your industry—you should be paying attention to what is going on around you, especially in the world of the internet.

As we discussed in the section above, it behooves you to try to avoid trying to invent something entirely new. Instead, you should be focusing on ways to glean ideas from SEO strategies and other elements on the internet that have already been created.

Brainstorm often—and do it the right way

Brainstorming is the key to any creative process, because ideas, good or bad, cannot exist without this process. However, when you and your team are brainstorming SEO possibilities, it is best that you create an environment that is conducive to the production of ideas. Note that we did not say good ideas or bad ideas. The purpose of a brainstorming session is to get as many ideas on the table as possible; if ideas are constantly being shunned instead of invited, creativity will be stifled as your team members become hesitant to speak. The filtration of good and bad ideas can come after the brainstorming session—besides, a knee jerk reaction to an idea that initially seems bad can result in you tossing a truly great idea aside.

Also, be sure to include at least one member of your Phoenix SEO company’s team whenever you can.

Try different creative processes

You can’t be certain about which creative process works best for your team until you have tried more than one. When you are first establishing how you will creatively develop your Phoenix SEO campaign, keep an open mind about different ways of achieving your search engine marketing goals.

For example, try an ideas wall, a color coding system and even spreadsheets. No matter how ridiculous it looks from the outside in, use whichever process—or group of processes—works best for you.

Avoid any unnecessary distractions while you are working

While you may be a paragon of multitasking efficiency during most of your business endeavors, it behooves you to act otherwise when creatively developing your SEO campaign. Studies have shown that the productivity of even the best multitaskers is actually stunted by not focusing on one thing at a time. By focusing on this alone, you can create and develop a comprehensive Phoenix SEO strategy faster.

Include your Phoenix SEO company in the process

No matter what ideas you come up with, you will need your SEO company’s help with executing them. They can do a much better job of helping you achieve your SEO marketing goals if they are kept abreast of what you intend to do. You will thank yourself for this, as the execution therein will be much more efficient.

Approaching your Phoenix SEO campaign like an artist, instead of an executive will yield the results that you need to thrive online. Feel free to post any comments or questions below.


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