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How to Make Google + a Lead Generation Machine

How to Make Google + a Lead Generation Machine

Unlike Google’s Buzz and Orkut, Google + has been a resounding success for the internet search giant. This wholly unique social network provides you with an array of capabilities to boost the success of your local Phoenix SEO campaign. In order to get the most out of it, you need to make sure that you don’t forget that it is a social network—even though its powerful array of tools makes this easy to forget. Here are a few ways that you can use the social elements of Google + to boost your Phoenix SEO results:

Make your headlines engaging and relevant

Google + posts aren’t like those on other social networks; 140 characters or fewer isn’t the best way to post here—at least for the best Phoenix SEO results. Instead, you should be treating Google + posts like abridged versions of regular blogs. Just as with a full-length blog post, you need to take your title seriously, as this will often determine whether or not people even click on the link to your post in the first place.

Formatting matters

Breaking up your Google + posts with spaces and formatting makes it much easier to read. This enhanced readability increases the likelihood that people will stick around, read and share it. Also, varied formatting is a bit of a rarity on Google +, so your italicized, underlined and bolded post will stand out more as a result.

If you aren’t sure about how to change formatting on your Google + page, consult your Phoenix SEO company.

Don’t fear writing a lengthy article

It is true that you should make all of your social media, including your Google + page, as easy to read as possible. Just because you are on a social network, however, doesn’t mean that all of your followers find reading to be an anathema to their existence. Instead of posting links to your blog and hoping for the best, try writing a full-length blog on your Google + page occasionally.

Add pictures to every single post

People love pictures, so you need to include them in your Google + posts. This isn’t so that they can stare at the image instead of your actual post—a great image will capture someone’s attention long before an amazing title will. Also, when someone searches for an image, yours could appear in the results, yielding even more visitors.

Work with your Phoenix SEO company to determine what photos will be the most engaging.

Directly invite your connections to view your posts

Many people think that the best way to gain optimal exposure for their Google + posts is to share it with everyone. While you should be doing this, clicking the share with everyone button won’t exactly call attention to the post. Make sure that you (or your Phoenix SEO company) is also directly inviting your Google + connections to view your post. This will do more for your exposure by directly informing people about the post

Hashtag, Google style

Twitter isn’t the only place where hashtags are useful. Google analyzes all posts with enough content and then adds hashtags automatically. You should not, however, allow this to make you feel like you don’t need to add any hashtags yourself; Google won’t add every hashtag relevant to your posts. Work with your Phoenix SEO company to determine the best hashtags for your post, and then add them.

Make the most out of the Google + commenting system

With the Google + commenting system, you can embed your Google + comments right into your blog. This is a powerful capability that gives people the option of sharing your post after they comment; people who comment are extremely likely to share when prompted to do so.

Use Google’s Display Network to get even more out of your best posts

The Google Display Network is fully integrated with Google +. This union is known as + Post Ads. Most Phoenix SEO companies are familiar with how much more successful the Google Display Network can make an SEO campaign. Similar benefits can be reaped through your Google + posts.

Make some of your posts interactive

Even more than images, people are subconsciously attracted to moving, blinking objects that prompt them to act. Google + offers a vast array of tools that allow you to make posts fully interactive. With these tools, you can invite people to reserve something, offer to play a video, open an app, etc.

Google + is mostly known as a platform where a company can claim their online identity—especially locally. In order to get the most out of it for your Phoenix SEO campaign, however, you must take advantage of the social elements that it includes.


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