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Find the Best Web Developer with These Secrets

Find the Best Web Developer with These Secrets

Take a look around, and you’ll quickly see there are a ton of web developers eagerly pushing their services on you. But not every web development company is a good fit for your business, and there is no eHarmony-type site that matches up small business owners with the web developers of their dreams.

So what’s a small business owner to do? Simple – just use the following five guidelines to recognize the right web development company for you…

Avoid Web Development Companies With Poor Websites

You wouldn’t use a hair stylist who had a really poor hairdo, and neither should you use a web development company with a template or poorly designed website. If the company can’t even be bothered to create something polished and cutting-edge for their own uses, you can bet they’re not going to be bothered to create anything special for your business either.

Be Sure the Company is Reachable by Phone

Professional web development companies can conduct a lot of business by email, but at some point you’ll need to talk on the phone to really discuss the direction of your business. If the company isn’t reachable by phone, that’s a problem. The company may not even be a “company” at all – it may just be some teenager sitting in his parent’s basement and putting up template designs for unsuspecting customers.

Look at the Portfolio

A good web development company should have a portfolio that knocks your socks off. If the designs all look dated, walk away. If the designs all sort of look the same, then run away. Your business is unique, so you need a company that can deliver a unique website and other solutions for you.

Be Sure the Developer Uses Cutting-Edge Technologies

Web technologies change at the speed of light, so you want to be sure any developer you’re working with is keeping abreast of these changes. Go ahead and ask the developer who all is on the web development team, and ask how this team keeps informed about new technologies. You may also ask to see samples of these technologies in use on sites the company has developed.

Be Sure the Company Engages in the Discovery Process

A good developer is like a doctor – they need to get a complete history and do an “exam” before they can offer you a course of action. That’s why good developers will ask a lot of questions about your business, your audience and your competition before they even start to make suggestions.

This process is called “discovery,” and you want to make sure your web developer takes this necessary step. To that end, ask your developer what their discovery process is. If the company places a high priority on this process, then that’s a good sign.


If you’re looking for a web development company that passes all five tests above, then you don’t need to look any further than the experienced and cutting-edge team at Hireawiz. We invite you to get in touch today to discuss your needs and ask questions. Find out if Hireawiz is a good match for you now by getting in touch at https://www.hireawiz.com/web-design-phoenix


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