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What Questions Should You Ask Your Web Designer?

What Questions Should You Ask Your Web Designer?

Seeing as how there seems to be a web designer lurking under every rock these days, your job, if you are seeking a new site or redesign, is to find the best one for your business. So what questions you should ask your web designer? Here are seven vital queries to get the ball rolling!

Do you do discovery/research before the proposal?

Discovery is an exclusive service that allows our web designers the opportunity to ask a series of questions to uncover the client’s business pains and goals, so we can develop a course of action to solve and/or achieve those goals. Forgoing this step can often leave both parties going down separate paths.

Do you offer full website design, SEO and Internet marketing packages?

Often, all these needs can be met by a full-service website design company. It makes sense that the people who are designing your site should also be the ones doing the initial SEO and optimization, assuming they have the ability and expertise. This can help get elements of your site ready to rank faster, and get you the results you seek sooner.

Can you provide case studies of sites you’ve designed and the results that they’ve gotten?

It’s vital that you look at a body of work. Keep in mind that each site and business is unique, and look to see if that is communicated in the designs, and they aren’t just cookie-cutter sites. Ask for case studies, as these often prove most illuminating.

Who supplies the imagery and content for my site?

Clear up exactly who is supplying the content and images. The web designer may well have in-house services to provide these, or be able to refer you to someone. Consider this carefully, as web content, particularly sales copy, is tricky to write if you don’t know how. Moreover, project timelines can be drastically affected by getting the content to the designer late, which can add costs to your project.

Will my website design be compatible with mobile devices?

With more than half of all traffic today originating from some sort of mobile device, it’s tantamount to site suicide to not have your site optimized for mobile.

How do you handle design changes that I may need?

This is a critical question you need a clear answer to, preferably on paper, before you engage a firm. Most web designers will have a set number of revisions they are willing to perform, and after that the meter starts running. This is why it’s very important to have your goals and desires clearly discussed in the initial Discovery process.

When you’re finished, who owns the site design?

You would think you wouldn’t need to ask this, but you do. Making sure you own the design, and your web hosting is on a platform you control are two of the most important factors to confirm.

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