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How To Convert Website Visitors Into Leads

How To Convert Website Visitors Into Leads

Your company’s website can be a big time lead generation machine. For this to happen, however, your site has to be designed in a manner that attracts sales leads. Here is how the right Phoenix web design company can help you achieve that goal:

Intuitive navigation

Before a visitor can become a sales lead, you need to get them to stay on your web page for long enough to become interested in your products or services. However, people have become used to easy to use web design; anything less and it won’t be long before they quickly exit your website in frustration.
As such, a Phoenix web design company that can deliver an intuitive design for your website is critical for sales lead generation therein.

Fast load times

If your website has slow load times, then you won’t have to worry about visitors leaving due to a clunky design. This is because they will leave long before they have had a chance to try navigating your site. The modern area demands that your website be able to keep up with the lightning fast broadband internet speeds that most people have access to. As such, it is imperative that you find a Phoenix web design team that can create an intuitive website without slowing you down.

Broader device compatibility

As you know, desktop computers are no longer the primary platform from which people access the internet. Laptops, smartphones and tablets now dominate the web, and none of them are the same.
As such, it requires specialized web design in order for your website to be compatible with them all, and a mobile/desktop version web design model will no longer do. You need a Phoenix web design company that will use modern web design strategies designed to optimize your website’s compatibility, such as responsive and adaptive web design. Your web design company should also forego outdated web design resources that some platforms don’t even bother to use.

Fewer glitches

A bad website glitch can result in anything from jumbled up words to improperly processed transactions. The former eventuality would result in mild annoyance (which could result in a potential sales lead leaving), while the latter would create a legion of furious customers.
There is only one way to avoid this: by hiring a web design company that knows enough about coding a good website to avoid glitches like the ones discussed above.

Better security

If you plan on engaging in ecommerce, then you need to give your customers the peace of mind that your website can complete transactions without compromising their personal information. This doesn’t start with the type of payment processing system that you use. It starts with your website’s design, because major flaws in your website’s security will allow hackers to break into your website and steal information from right under your nose. Having a Phoenix web design company that knows how to design your website with staunch security measures is critical.

Fewer bad links

Bad internal links within your website will send visitors to the infamous 404 error page within your website. This is an easy way to get people to lose faith in the functionality of your website, which eventually causes them to leave. A sloppy web design team will build a website with a multitude of bad links, whereas a meticulous one will create a website with few (if any) bad links.

Better branding

Your company’s brand is your company’s most valuable business asset, and the process of branding your company never stops. What’s more, you should be trying to build your company’s brand on every platform that customers and business partners interact with. As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, your company’s website is a major point of interaction for your business, making branding therein especially important.
The right Phoenix web design company will know how to infuse your company’s brand into every portion of your newly built or redesigned website.

Believe it or not, Phoenix web design companies that bear all of the above traits do exist

You do not have to settle for a Phoenix web design company that has one or two of the above traits. You can optimize your website’s ability to generate sales leads by working with a web design team that can do it all. Give us a call today at HireAWiz, we can service all of your website needs and help you convert visitors into leads.


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