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Five Surprising Ways to Grow Your Business Through Your Thank-You Page

Five Surprising Ways to Grow Your Business Through Your Thank-You Page

When most business owners think about growing their businesses and improving their ROI, they tend to neglect the back-end of their business. So while their Arizona web design and marketing companies are busy optimizing the landing pages for the business, the thank-you pages are forgotten.

That’s a mistake. Your thank you pages may not be the at the glittery forefront of your business, but they have the ability to make an impact by closing more sales, driving new referral traffic, and helping you gather feedback from your customers.

Take a look at the following list of five ways to grow your business through your thank-you pages (and bring this list along the next time you meet with your Arizona web design or marketing teams)…

1. Make a Special Offer

Whether your thank you page is for confirming a free newsletter subscription or acknowledging a paid order, it’s a good place to make a special offer. That’s because your prospects and customers are warmed up and interested in what you can do for them.

For best results, make sure your offer is indeed special, such as a nice “subscribers only” or “customers only” discount. You might put a time limit on the offer for even better results. Your Phoenix web design team can even insert a countdown clock to create a stronger sense of urgency (which boosts conversions).

2. Insert Social Media Buttons

One good example of a large company that does this is Amazon. When you purchase something on their site, they give you the opportunity to share your purchase on Facebook and other social media. Now you can swipe a page from Amazon’s playbook and do this on your site too. It’s a quick and easy way to get your customers to spread your marketing message to their friends.

3. Send Visitors to Popular Content Pages

This is a good approach for any kind of thank you page, but especially for newsletter confirmation pages. That’s because your new subscribers are looking for content and solutions from you, so you can help them out by sending them to your most popular blog posts or other content. Check out this WordPress checklist plugin if you’d like a thank you page checklist to follow when building yours out.

One nice benefit for you is that it further boosts the popularity of your content, as your visitors may comment on it or even share it on social media. Plus engaging your visitors on your blog gets them looking at what all you have to offer them.

4. Provide a Surprise Freebie

Another good way to use your thank-you page is by providing a surprise freebie, such as a report, video, app or other tool. This builds goodwill with your new subscriber or customer. Better yet, your freebie can also act as a sales tool for your other products and services.

5. Offer a Survey

Still another way to make the most of your thank you pages is by offering a customer survey. The key to this tactic is to make sure it’s short, as your customers just went through the hoops of purchasing, so they don’t want to answer more than four or five questions. You can use a tool like SurveyMonkey.com to create your survey, or talk to your Phoenix web design team about creating a custom solution for you.


You may not think of your thank you page as a place to generate sales, get feedback or get new referrals, but your thank you pages can create great results in all three of these areas. That’s why you’ll want to get in touch with our Phoenix web design company here at Hireawiz , because we can help you optimize these pages to grow your business. Find out how we can work together to grow your business by getting in touch today!


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