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Turn More Browsers Into Buyers Using These Surefire Lead-Generation Tips

Turn More Browsers Into Buyers Using These Surefire Lead-Generation Tips

You can certainly find and communicate with prospects on social media, forums, and other third-party sites. However, no matter where you find your prospects, your ultimate goal is to drive them back to your site and convert them into customers.

What happens is a lot of small business owners see a ton of traffic coming to their site, but that traffic isn’t converting. The visitors aren’t subscribing to the newsletter, they’re not calling the store, they’re not buying anything. If this is known to be targeted traffic, then it’s especially distressing to try to figure out why they’re not taking action.

The good news is you can ward off these sorts of problems by following these tips…

Tip 1: Make Your Site’s Purpose Clear

Sure, your homepage may make it clear what your site is about and what you can do for your visitors. But keep in mind that many of your prospects will enter your site on all sorts of different pages, such as a blog post they found in the search engines. That’s why you need to integrate a strong brand, slogan and other information on every page of your site so that you never again lose prospects who wrongly think you can’t help them.

Tip 2: Put an Opt-In form on Every Page

Sure, you probably have a lead page set up that you funnel traffic to from third-party sites. But don’t forget that a lot of your prospects are wandering all over your site, from your “About” page to your blog posts. Be sure all these visitors see an opt-in form and a strong call to action.

Now having said that, take note of this…

Tip 3: Create Uncluttered Sales Pages and Service Offerings

Every link or call to action on a sales page or service listing other than the order form is a potential “leak,” and every leak drags down your sales conversion rate. That’s why your sales pages shouldn’t have extraneous links. Cut down your prospect’s choices by giving them just one prominent link to click on—the order form link.

Tip 4: Display Your Phone Number

Today consumers more than ever want to talk to a real person when they run into a problem. That’s why you’ll want to display your phone number and street address on your site so that prospects know you have a real business with a real-world presence. Do this, and the trust meter will go up tenfold.

Tip 5: Create a Beautiful And User-Friendly Site

You only have one chance and about two seconds to make a great first impression, so be sure you have a polished, modern web design to attract prospects. Your site should include an attract design, as well as content that pulls prospects in and converts them to subscribers and buyers. Don’t forget to follow design best practices to ensure your design is as user friendly as it is beautiful.

Tip 6: Contact Hire a Wiz to Make It Happen

If you’d like to get more traffic and turn more of these browsers into buyers, then you’ll want to get in touch with the Phoenix web development and marketing team at Hire a Wiz. Our experienced team can help you at any stage of process, including:

  • Designing a brand new site from scratch.
  • Redesigning your existing site.
  • Providing Phoenix SEO services.
  • Developing a complete social media strategy for your small business.
  • Helping you with lead-generation and conversion.

And much more.

Put Hire a Wiz to work for you to grow your business. Click here to find out more about what we can do to grow your business!


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