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5 Ways You Could be Losing Potential Customers To The Competition

5 Ways You Could be Losing Potential Customers To The Competition

It’s frustrating to see your competitors siphon off your prospects and customers. It’s hard to look at the data and see that you’re losing market share, while your competitors are popping open champagne bottles because their businesses are booming.

This can happen to even the best of businesses. However, some businesses make it too easy for their competitors to swipe their customers. It’s like leaving the keys in an unlocked car and then wondering why it got stolen.

Are you making these mistakes? You’ll find out below. (And don’t worry, we know a good Scottsdale web development and marketing team that can get your business back on top.)

Mistake 1: Poor or No SEO

Whether you’re selling gadgets around the world or running a neighborhood coffee shop, your prospects are searching for you in Google and other search engines. Your competitors already have top listing in these search engines. If you don’t grace the front page or two of results, then you’re invisible to these prospects.

Don’t make this mistake – get in Google. A good Scottsdale SEO company like the team at Hire A Wiz can get you the top rankings you need to compete in today’s fierce business climate.

Mistake 2: Ignoring Mobile Markets

Right now around 80% of people who access the internet have a smart phone, which means mobile access is getting set to eclipse fixed-internet use (i.e., those using a desktop or laptop computer at home). If you’re ignoring mobile markets, then your prospects will go to your competitors instead.

So what does this mean? First off, you need to be sure your site is responsive so that it displays correctly whether someone is viewing it on a 3” screen or a 40” Smart TV. Forget about redirecting mobile users to an entirely different site, as that’s so 2008 (meaning you should run from any Scottsdale web design company that suggests you do this). Instead, your site needs to adjust its images, text and columns automatically for each visitor to create a great user experience.

The second thing you want to keep in mind is that many mobile users are into mobile apps. If you’re not connecting with your prospects through a mobile app, you might just be missing out on a big chunk of your market share. Check this out for more reasons why you should have a mobile friendly website.

Mistake 3: No Social Media Strategy

Facebook has nearly 1.4 billion users, and 890 million of these users log in every single day. On average, they spend 21 minutes on the site.

Your prospects are part of this group. Many of them are checking Facebook multiple times all through the day. Are they seeing your business message and branding when they log in? If not, you’re missing a big chance to get yourself in front of an audience who wants to interact with you and share your content.

Of course Facebook is just one platform. Your prospects may be among the 347 million LinkedIn users, or perhaps they’re a part of the 288 million active users who visit Twitter every month. These audiences already exist – you just need a good social media strategy to get in front of them.

Mistake 4: Neglecting Multi-Channel Marketing

Your prospects aren’t just sitting in one place, which is why you need to be everywhere they are. You can do this by employing multi-channel marketing, which increases your reach deep into your market. What’s more, spreading your marketing message across channels also helps build brand recognition and trust, which boosts your sales over time.

This isn’t as difficult as it sounds. You don’t need to separately find and hire a Scottsdale SEO company, a social media marketing company and so on. Instead, you can hire just one company (like Hire a Wiz) that has a team of experts who can design and implement an overall strategy that meets your needs.

Mistake 5: Poor Website Conversions

If your website doesn’t make a good first impression, then your visitors will be gone before you even have a chance to show them what you offer. If a poor web design gives your users a poor experience, then they’ll exit fast, even if you have exactly what they want. And if your content can’t keep your visitors engaged, they’ll rush off to your nearest competitor.

Point is, you need a good web design, preferably created by a Scottsdale web development team who understands how cutting-edge design and content work together to create impressive conversion rates.


When you’re in a competitive marketplace you want to stand out and be the industry leader in the mind of your customer. Your customers, in many cases, are spending a lot of time researching and shopping around to make a purchase, and by avoiding these five mistakes you could prevent losing them to your competitors and a step in the right direction is a start!

The quick and easy way to avoid these mistakes is to hire Hire a Wiz. Our team not only does web design, but are also your go-to Scottsdale SEO company and marketing consultant. We can help you develop a high-converting website, and bring in a steady stream of targeted visitors.

Connect with us today and learn more about what it means to engage and convert your customers the right way!


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