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Why You Should Have a Custom Built Website

Why You Should Have a Custom Built Website

Whether you are in the process of getting your current website re designed or if you are getting a website for the very first time, you want to consider the benefits of getting a custom designed website. Many small business owners choose to go the route of using a template and then having their Phoenix web designer customize it. There are advantages to both options but I would definitely say the benefits of a custom website far out weigh that of a template. There are many reasons you should consider a custom website but we would like to show you the top reasons. Even if you are leaning towards the template option, don't rush into a decision and regret it later. Do your research and choose the option that works best for you. Let's take a closer look at the benefits of a custom web design. 

  • Gives Your Business a Unique Look and Feel – Many times when you use a template, even if you customize it, you still get the same basic layout as many other websites out there. Many times the website template you are using is being used by competitors within your industry. This is something to keep in mind especially if you are wanting your website to help your business stand apart. 
  • Load Times – Like I have mentioned in this blog many times before. Load times are extremely important to your website for a couple of reasons. Reason number one is because people in today's world are impatient when it comes to a website loading and will likely leave your website and go to one of your competitors website. Reason number two is because of the negative impact slow load times have on your search engine optimization campaign. When you use a custom website design the load times are generally faster than if you use a template. I say generally because there are some external sources to this such as a bad web designer or sometimes it is a server issue. 
  • A Custom Website Design Can Help Your Brand – Brand is extremely important for any online business. A brand builds trust in your company and to many online users this is one of the most important things when going to a website especially a website where they are going to make a purchase or share personal information on it. With identity theft being so prominant in today's world it is extremely important that your visitors and potential customers feel secure when going to your website. 
  • Clean HTML Coding – This may not be important to you if your website looks good on the front end but again this will effect your search engine optimization campaign in a negative way. Anything that hurts your website on the search engines need to be addressed as soon as possible. As you begin work on marketing your business you will continue to realize the importance of SEO. SEO may be the most valuable form of marketing for your business. 

Like I said above there are advantages to both but you need to at least consider going with a custom Phoenix website design. I understand that getting a new website, whether it be a website redesign or your very first business website, it can be super stressful. Take your time, do your research and understand your options. Being educated about what your wanting and looking for will give you a huge step in the right direction.  


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