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4 Simple Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

4 Simple Ways to Promote Your Facebook Page

If you are a small business owner. You know that promoting your business on Facebook is extremely important to your online marketing campaign. However, many small business owners run into the problem of not understanding fully how to best market their business on Facebook and that is OK. There is a learning curve that is involved with social media marketing because it is a fairly new trend and you can’t attempt to sell the way you are likely used too. If you go out and just post ads on then people will likely ignore your posts, unfollow your page, or just hide your feed so they don’t have to see the annoying ads that you are posting. Our Phoenix SEO company has realized that many business owners are actually thinking so much outside the box on how they can promote their business on Facebook that they have forgot the simple things you can do that will give your social media marketing campaign some traction. Let’s take a closer look at some of the basics that you can use to promote your business’s Facebook fan page.

  1. Use the List You Already Have – If you have been in business for very long at all you more than likely have quite the list of customers built up with contact information of most of them. You can ask them to like your business on Facebook or run a campaign that offers them something to follow you on Facebook. Now I understand you are looking at attracting new customers and don’t want to just keep current customers. The great news for you is that with social media you can reach their friends and their friends friends. If you are managing your Facebook account properly you will get likes and shares which in turn will allow your likes friends to see your post.
  2. Use Your Website – Post a link to your Facebook page and all your other social media pages on your website. This will allow a customer to easily get to your Facebook page and like it. The other thing you must add to your website if you haven’t already is the Social Media Share buttons at the bottom of each page. This will allow a user to share your page on their social media accounts with 1 click of a button.
  3. Use Facebook’s Marketing Tools – Facebook has recently began allowing you to purchase ads and to promote your posts. Now these two tools do two different things but are both very effective. A Facebook add will allow you to post an add on Facebook and it works very similar to pay per click ads. The one benefit with Facebook ad is that you can really narrow down who you market your business to. Facebook Post Promotions will allow you promote certain posts so that more people will see your post. Now you will learn what type of posts have the potential to go viral and those are the posts that you want to promote. Now I would suggest you do your research into both of these tools as this is a very breif overview but these tools are a must use for any successful social media marketing campaign.
  4. Promote Offline As Well – You most likely have different type of print advertisments, business cards, commercials, etc. Make sure that you are giving out your Facebook link on all these publications as you never know who is looking at these.

You don’t always have to make things difficult on yourself sometimes it is when you decide to keep it simple that you will finally succeed. If you are struggling to gain any traction with your social media marketing campaign maybe you should consider going back to basics and work from there. You can do the more advanced marketing once you get your marketing campaign off the ground.


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