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How Google Plus Can Boost Your Relevant Traffic

How Google Plus Can Boost Your Relevant Traffic

Social networking is a great resource for improving your Phoenix SEO campaign. However, before you start trying to post uniform messages across all social networks, you should know that they are all unique. Google +, for example, offers a unique way of interacting with people that must be used differently from Twitter or Facebook if you plan to exploit all of its benefits.

Lets take a look at how Google + can improve your Phoenix SEO campaign by boosting relevant traffic:

Use your website to boost your Google Plus following

The purpose of your activity on Google + page is to increase relevant traffic to your website, not the other way around, so it can seem counterintuitive to use your website to increase your following on Google +. This, however, is exactly what you need to do to increase your traffic on both Googles social network and your own website. Here is why:

The social element of Google + helps you to increase your relevant traffic by way direct and indirect interaction with people, most of all your actual followers. By having your Phoenix web design company do something as simple as add a + 1 icon to each of your sites pages, you can retroactively add more followers. By taking actions such as this, your website and Google + page can work in tandem to generate more sales leads for your business.

Keep the high quality content flowing

The biggest mistake you can make on Google + for your Phoenix SEO campaign is to treat it like a Twitter account. Google + is very unlike other blogs in one extremely important way: a Google + account can actually benefit from longer prose posts reminiscent of what you would find on a traditional blog. This means that on Google +, you should usually forego the usual social media blurb un favor of detailed, engaging, entertaining and informative content.

As with your regular blog, your Google + content must be unique, optimized and frequent. In fact, you may want to consider posting on Google + several times per week.

Google + content, however, does differ from your blog in one very important way: not every post has to be related to your industry (although many of them should). In fact, it is a good idea to switch things up every now and again. You can talk about current events, sports or anything else that strikes your fancy—just remember to avoid discussing politics.

Use hashtags to boost your visibility

Hashtags are social medias street signs. They direct people to where they want to go as quickly as possible. That being said, you want to make sure that people looking for the type of content that you are posting can easily find your page. By adding hashtags that are relevant to whatever you happen to be posting, you increase your likelihood of gaining relevant readers, who are more likely to share your posts and follow you.

Act like a real person

Do not make the mistake of acting like a monolithic, omniscient corporation. People strongly dislike this image and are less likely to interact with businesses like this. Instead, be social on this social network. Join Google + communities and interact with them so that people feel more comfortable interacting with your company online. This type of relationship building will help your Phoenix SEO campaign greatly.

Add links to your website

No matter how attached you get to your account (social networking can be powerfully addictive), never forget the primary purpose for the existence of the account: to boost the overall success of your Phoenix SEO campaign. As such, you should always be looking for ways to leverage it into more relevant traffic for your website.

You should remember that despite everything else, a Google + page is still a website; one of the best ways to boost the success of your Phoenix SEO campaign is with internet presence building linkbacks (links directly from outside websites to your companys website). By adding links to your Google + posts, you are adding another quality linkback to your site.

Google + is more powerful than you think

Despite not having over a billion active followers like Facebook, Google + has proven to be one of the most powerful social networking tools in existence. Following the tips discussed above will allow you to leverage this power, to the advantage of your Phoenix SEO campaign. Feel free to post any comments or questions below.


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