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The Future of Inbound Marketing

The Future of Inbound Marketing

People are tired of having products that they see little value in being crammed down their throats via pushy outbound marketing tactics. This, coupled with the fact that modern technology has paved a way for people to find what they need, when they need it, on their own terms means one thing: Inbound marketing is without a doubt the present and future of marketing.

Since inbound marketing is so preeminent in the modern world of marketing, it is important that you understand how it is—and more importantly, how it will—affect your Phoenix area business. Let’s take a look at how where inbound marketing is headed will affect your overall internet marketing strategy.

Search engine optimization

Technology and inbound marketing solutions therein has provided so much access to data in recent years that it has become overwhelming for everyone, including the largest, most powerful corporations in the world to even begin to organize, let alone analyze it all. However, this data is a key component of your Phoenix SEO plan.

Even if you were able to somehow collect and organize this data, improper management of it—redundancy, customer information mixups—would seriously harm your Phoenix SEO plan, as well as your other inbound marketing endeavors. In order to get as many benefits from tall of the data floating out there that you can, you need to automate.

The automated data solution is the type of tool that every single company will need to carry their inbound marketing plan from here on out. Some of the best automation solutions—which your Phoenix SEO company should be able to dire ct you to—can not only organize and analyze the data, but it can also help you make decisions about how to use the information.

Social networking

In the past, social networking for business has been all about collecting as many followers, real or fake, as you can to boost your notoriety therein. Consumer data (consequently from inbound marketing research) has proven otherwise. The best way to gain the most business benefits out of your social networking endeavors is to gain the attention of those who matter most to your business.

This begins with figuring out where your likely customers spend the majority of their social media time (via the data you acquired from automated solutions. Which social networks you will focus your time on should depend on this data.

Mobile devices

Mobile is the future of everything. Even now, people are toting do-it-all phones with screens the size of an old-fashioned GPS system (yes we said it). Many people spend most, if not all of their digital time on these devices, so you need to work towards compatibility with them.

One key takeaway regarding how to be compatible with mobile devices is to have your Phoenix web design company ditch the mobile version of your website. No matter what you do, a mobile version will cut back on features and harm the aesthetic value of your website.

Instead, have your Phoenix web design company create a responsive website for you. This type of web design involves the creation of a site that is universally compatible across all platforms and screen sizes; since it provides the exact same content on mobile and desktop, the user experience never suffers.

Local search engine marketing

For your Phoenix SEO campaign, it is becoming less about spamming your content with the word Phoenix and more about staking a claim to your business. As search engines see that you are a successful Phoenix business that actually exists, your Phoenix SEO campaign will start to see benefits.

Inbound email marketing

Spamming people’s inbox no longer works; either people will delete the messages or they will be forever lost in a spam folder. This, however, does not mean that successful email marketing has died. It has just evolved from an outbound marketing tactic to an inbound one.

The best way to kickstart your email marketing campaign is by asking people for permission to email them. When you do this, not only will they happily open your messages, but they will even search their spam box for your emails if they don’t receive them in a timely manner.


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