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Hands-Off Marketing: Why you Need Inbound Marketing

Hands-Off Marketing: Why you Need Inbound Marketing

In most cases, inbound marketing u the only way to get peoples attention on the web. Many Phoenix area businesses make the mistake of believing that once one has people on the web looking in their direction, their inbound marketing job is done. This, however, could not be farther from the truth.

Your inbound marketing strategy needs to incorporate and be present at every level of the sales process. Lets take a look at why this is and how you can expand your inbound marketing stratagem to cover all of your bases.

Nurturing the casual onlooker

This is where you are most likely to direct the bulk of your inbound marketing efforts. Getting people who are looking for information will make up a large portion of those who your Phoenix SEO campaign targets. But most of these people will be unqualified leads, so why even bother pursuing them?

Why you need inbound marketing at the top of the sales funnel

Thanks to a combination of the natural hesitancy brought about by the recent global recession and an unprecedented access to information and options (thanks to the internet), the sales process is no longer a sprint to the customer. It is a marathon; the only way you will have a chance of winning a marathon is to start it.

By using inbound marketing to gain the attention of as many sales leads as possible, even poorly qualified ones, you are putting your company in a position of consideration should any of these people—who have already shown at least a passing interest in your industry—when it is time to start shopping around.

How to incorporate inbound marketing into the top of the sales funnel

The best way to incorporate inbound marketing into the top of the sales funnel is to ramp up your Phoenix SEO campaign. Adding a blog is a great way to start, especially since websites with blogs draw over 50% more traffic than ones that dont—that is an extra 500 visitors for every 1,000.

Optimizing everything so that your content gets found will also help your Phoenix SEO campaign.

There are many other things that you can do here. Consult your Phoenix SEO company for more ideas.

Solving the peoples problems

There is a significant difference between those searching for information that happens to be related to your industry and those who need help solving a problem related to your industry. These people arent just gleaning information. They actually need help.

Why you need inbound marketing at the middle of the sales funnel

Many of the people described above will be qualified sales leads, especially since one of your products may actually solve their problem. They also often offer you a gateway to transform your email marketing campaign from outbound to a much more successful inbound format, which is much more successful.

How to incorporate inbound marketing into the middle of the sales funnel

Forums are great places to start your problem solving endeavors, as this is where people will be asking the tough questions. Social networks are also great places for you to be helpful to consumers in desperate need of a solution to a problem.

Also keep in mind that the above examples will also help your local Phoenix SEO campaign, as you will gain linkbacks and citations for your efforts.

Closing the deal

Just because someone is ready to buy doesnt mean that standing by waiting for them to come to you will work. You need to close the deal.

Why you need inbound marketing at the bottom of the sales funnel

Pushy sales tactics will end up pushing leads away, even if they are at the buying stage. You need to entice buyers to come to you specifically, especially if your product offerings dont differ greatly from the competition.

How to incorporate inbound marketing into the bottom of the sales funnel

Coupons, free trials, invitations to learn more and special promotions are all great ways to nudge people in your direction. Dont be shy about asking for attention, but dont demand that they buy either.


After sales leads have trickled through the bottom of the sales funnel, your inbound marketing efforts are not done. Surveys that will give you data to enhance your Phoenix SEO campaign and continual inbound email marketing efforts are examples of what you can do. You can also have your Phoenix SEO company target recent customers with content that targets people who already use your products.


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