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5 Social Media Mistakes That Businesses Make

5 Social Media Mistakes That Businesses Make

Social media marketing can be tricky and that is why you should be spending a lot of time attempting to understand it and be successful at it and if you don’t have time consider contacting a Phoenix SEO company to help you out. We see some common mistakes that companies make when trying to run an SEO campaign. These mistakes are not just committed by small businesses but by larger businesses as well. Let’s take a look at some of the mistakes that maybe costing you when attempting to run a social media marketing campaign.

  1. No Twitter Profile Picture – Not only does this come across as unprofessional but how do you think that people will know who you are by what you are tweeting. A profile picture is extremely important and doesn’t take much time to add.
  2. Pixelated Facebook Photos – You are supposed to be a professional company but if when your Facebook followers go to view your pictures they show up all pixelated then you are likely going to give them a different impression of your business. If you don’t know how to properly add, resize and crop photos you should consider getting someone to help you.
  3. Not Using Real Photos – Don’t post images of people in an office that you purchased or found on the internet. Nobody will believe that your office is full of models and besides that there is a good chance many of your followers have seen that picture posted other places on the web.
  4. Not Having Social Media Pages Linked To Your Website – If somebody likes your website and wants to follow you on social media then you should make it as easy as possible to do so. Nobody is going to go login and search for you and try to determine which page is actually yours.
  5. No Personality – Social media campaigns are better when you show your followers that there are actual people behind your business. Don’t just come across as a corporate robot.

These are 5 common mistakes that businesses don’t even realize could be impacting their social media marketing campaign in a negative way. Social media is a great way to market your business but you have to take a different approach than you do with PPC ads, SEO and other marketing strategies.


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